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ITS Logistics

Omnichannel + Shopify Fulfillment for Merchants

An ITS team member working on Shopify fulfillment for a customer.

Connecting Shopify to omnichannel growth

Growth is always a part of the business plan. Meet your customers wherever they shop and support retail expansion with a scalable, flexible, and omnichannel distribution network. The ITS omnichannel fulfillment team is here to support ecommerce businesses that have grown into retail and are ready for a cost-effective, omnichannel solution.

Everything You Need Under One Roof

We take care of everything—from ecommerce and Shopify order fulfillment, to inventory management, to retail fulfillment, order processing, order management, compliance, routing guides, container management, and more. Our complete suite of 3PL services provides your business with an engine for omnichannel growth.

All Your Retail Channels Fulfilled from One Inventory

We take the complexity out of inventory management and the fulfillment process. Trusting us with your inventory simplifies your supply chain and allows you to fulfill orders across every sales channel—from ecommerce and online marketplaces, to subscription box fulfillment, to retail, to big box—from a single inventory.

Two-Day Reach to 95% of the US Population

We help your business reach more of the US population faster. Our strategically-built, 3.7 million square foot distribution network gives you a two-day or less shipping reach to the majority of the US population.

Meet All Marketplace Fulfillment Requirements

We exceed every marketplace benchmark for fulfillment services, allowing you to meet your customers wherever they shop without sacrificing customer satisfaction. Our experienced team has helped hundreds of businesses meet and exceed strict retail and ecommerce fulfillment requirements.

Port-to-Porch Visibility

With our custom, in-house WMS & TMS systems, industry-leading control tower functionality, and ContainerAI, our container management visibility platform, we provide true visibility and transparency into every aspect of your supply chain.

Flexibility to Support Business Growth

We provide scalable capacity with a strategic network across the United States. Whether you’re expanding into new retail channels or adapting to meet seasonal surges, we’ve got you covered.

High Standards You Can Count On

ASN Timelines
ASN Accuracy
On-Time Shipping
Fill Rate
Pallet & Carton Labeling
Load Quality
Set of matching yellow Caraway cookware on a kitchen countertop

Meet Caraway, ITS Partner & Omnichannel Success Story

Caraway product picture.

Expanding Beyond Shopify and Ecommerce

Caraway, a popular non-toxic kitchenware brand founded in 2018, achieved fast growth as a direct-to-consumer brand fulfilling orders over e-commerce. Seeing significant demand, they saw an opportunity to expand their reach into omnichannel markets and deliver to retailers and other destinations, but they needed the right 3PL partner to make it happen.

“Everybody has a warehouse, but this intimate connection into understanding what Caraway wants to do for our customers—that’s the key. A real partnership—that’s where the magic happens.” – Mark Riskowitz, Vice President of Operations for Caraway

Caraway product picture.

Scaling into Growth with ITS Logistics

Caraway partnered with ITS Logistics as they were launching strictly ecommerce fulfillment. With ITS’s extensive experience with retail distribution and Caraway’s increased order volume, the brand was positioned and ready to expand into the retail market, with particular emphasis on building inventory to handle a massive a spike in demand for the holiday season.

Caraway experienced substantial growth in a short period of time, which enabled the company to expand its distribution network, add more products and inventory to its pipeline, and build new relationships with retailers.

Key Results

  • Caraway saw a 280% increase in orders fulfilled in a single year
  • Caraway expanded its footprint by approximately 10 times by the end of the first year

Caraway continues to enjoy robust growth and success in multichannel shipping

Read an expanded version of Caraway's case study.

What Other ITS Logistics Customers Are Saying

"Everybody has a warehouse, but this intimate connection into understanding what Caraway wants to do for our customers—that’s the key. A real partnership—that’s where the magic happens."

Mark Riskowitz

VP of Operations, Caraway

"UncommonGoods is deeply committed to providing excellent customer experience. And while our customers come to us for creatively-designed, unique products, we know that to remain competitive in retail, we must provide fast, low-cost fulfillment and shipping. ITS Logistics has become more than just a 3PL provider, but a strong and strategic partner who is constantly looking for improvements in our supply chain. They also support our values of sustainability in how we work with vendors, our employees and our customers."

Thomas Epting

Co-Founder and COO at UncommonGoods

"We started up operations with ITS at the beginning of the pandemic, which forced us into an unconventional start up. Throughout the past several years they have helped us grow our business and maintain the highest standards of quality that our customers expect. They are wonderful partners and we are excited to continue to grow with them."

Colm Geraghty

VP Operations at Wellness Pet Company

"The ITS team has been instrumental in helping change the supply chain operations strategy of one of our biggest clients. ITS created a custom, scalable transportation solution to help reduce order cycle time and cost variability while delivering solid execution. This allows our core team to focus on delivering strategic results."

Lyndal V. Harper

Director of Transportation Management at Landair

"ITS has provided third party logistics solutions that have provided cost savings while enhancing service, and they are an integral part of the Starbucks supply chain."

Todd McCullough

Director of Distribution at Starbucks

"Throughout our partnership, ITS has always given us competitive rates that have really helped us grow. They are also always available to help us in last minute times of need by picking up canceled loads and proactively communicating."

Heath Shoup

VP of Sales and Product Management, West Pak Avocado

"When we looked at ITS and their wealth of experience and knowledge, it really checked all the boxes of exactly what we needed in a logistics provider. I know that ITS truly cares about the success of our ecommerce business."

Jonathan Bradbury

VP Ecommerce, Nature's Bakery

"ITS's ability to listen, comprehend, plan and then execute makes them a very valuable warehousing and transportation service provider. Probably most impressive though, is the caliber of individuals they have in key management positions."

Adam Kunz

Michael Lewis Company

Newgistics logo for homepage marquee

"ITS Logistics has been able to provide reliable dedicated capacity to meet and exceed the high customer service levels Newgistics requires from our transportation partners."

Mike Swenson

Sr. Transportation Manager, Newgistics

"We’re trying to knock some of these transactional folks out of the picture and get people that are really going to work with us, and give us a high level of service. The ITS team gets it, and they’ve worked hard to form a long-term partnership."

Paul Polkinghorn

VP of Supply Chain, AHF Products®

More About Our Distribution & Fulfillment Services

For more than 25 years, ITS Logistics has been committed to providing custom fulfillment services and creative logistics solutions for our customers. Our team of logistics professionals combine purpose-built capacity with an agile, tech-forward approach to exceed customer expectations. ITS Logistics is your ultimate distribution services solution, featuring in-house technology teams, powered by MS WorkFlow-driven processes. We offer adaptable storage solutions, expert shelf-life management, timely expiration date notifications, comprehensive recall and QA duties, UCC labeling, and much more.

Are You Ready to Connect Shopify to an Omnichannel Retail Strategy?