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ITS Logistics

Technology careers to develop your future

Technology is at the epicenter of ITS Logistics’ amazing growth story.

We operate our entire company in the ITS Cloud and have no data centers, no legacy applications, and virtually no technology debt. That means we invest far more of our technology dollars on innovation and far less on ongoing support than our competitors. This in turn creates a virtuous cycle of sustainable innovation where we go faster, deliver better results, and have more fun doing it.

Meet our people and see our culture in action

You’ll quickly learn why our growth is no accident, and our future is limitless. We are hiring for technology jobs for our headquarters in Reno, NV and our IT center of excellence in Walnut Creek, CA. Be a part of something bigger than yourself—join our team today!

By pursuing a technology career at ITS Logistics, you’ll play a key role in:

  • Growing our public cloud platform that drives ITS’s superior business agility, scalability, and resilience
  • Seeking ways to leverage and monetize our best-in-class suite of cloud applications
  • Exploring data analytics platforms that improve decision-making and desired business outcomes, and uncover new opportunities through data
  • Innovating by further imbedding AI and machine learning into ITS’s business processes and customer experiences
  • Adopting agile development models and following industry best practices on continuous delivery with CI/CD
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Top 8 Reasons to Work at ITS


Everyone talks about teamwork and being part of a team, but we really live it every day.


We work diligently to provide world-class, paid training to ensure team member success.


ITS team members have the ability to create solutions and positively impact their surroundings. Each employee is a valued part of a unique company that cares and encourages new ideas.


We believe culture comes to life from the bottom up. Sustained culture promotes and sustains success.

Challenging + Rewarding

Continuously striving to improve ourselves, we constantly raise the bar and set new and exciting goals.


We strive for perfection and to make our customers and employees the best they can possibly be.


Premier service provider in our industry with facilities, equipment, systems, and most importantly, people!


In our industry and in our community, we are not followers; we are leaders.

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Be a part of something bigger than yourself.

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