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ITS Logistics

End-to-End Container Visibility

Gain unparalleled visibility + control of your container management every step of the way

ContainerAI redefines drayage services—backed by 25 years of operational excellence and over two years of development. This AI-driven solution is the backbone of our industry-leading drayage and intermodal services.

Covering ocean voyages, rail transport, and trucking milestones, ContainerAI equips you with the foresight to reduce costs, avoid fees, and optimize your supply chain. Discover the future of efficient supply chain management with ContainerAI and the ITS team. This service is provided at no additional charge for all loads managed by ITS Logistics.


100% visibility from port to door

  • 35 ocean carriers
  • 100+ terminals
  • All class 1 US rail providers
  • Warehouse events
  • Trucking milestones
  • Vessel information

End-to-End Container Management and Visibility

From port of origin to port of destination and beyond. ContainerAI offers full visibility into a container's journey, providing all key milestones along the way.

Demurrage + Detention Insights

ContainerAI provides valuable insight into demurrage and detention charges, accurately calculating charges, and providing insights into your supply chain.

Trends and Analytics

By taking all the granular level container information in the system, ContainerAI is able to produce reports that provide insights into trends and analytics. Our reports give you the ability to see how your supply chain is operating at a glance.

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