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Unleash Your Potential: Technology Careers at ITS Logistics

Technology careers that will unleash your potential and develop your future

There is a sense of purpose of seeking meaning in our work that enables us to deliver sustainable innovation. This combination of cloud-based infrastructure, low technology debt and a burning desire to be great have together created what may just be the greatest logistics company you’ve haven’t yet heard of.
– Peter Weis, CIO Senior VP, Supply Chain Services

Global supply chains have been experiencing rapid transformation over the past 5-10 years. With the threat of unforeseen challenges and disruptions, distributors and manufacturers have been putting an emphasis on building flexible and resilient networks to support the flow of their products. Achieving end-to-end visibility that enables fast and fact-based decision making is the primary goal of the ITS Logistics technology ecosystem. Those that join the technology team will play a pivotal role in building this system and its implementation with top companies around the world.

The global logistics market size was $18.1 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach $77.52 billion by 2030. Because of the substantial disruptions that occurred in supply chain and logistics throughout 2020 – 2022, companies are upgrading their present capabilities with the help of digital logistics platforms. These upgrades in information technology will help to achieve those critical deliveries that keep the world moving. There are developments in the United States being made now in real-time shipment tracking, digital fulfillment, API-powered customization, internet-of-things, A.I., cybersecurity, and machine learning that will continue to drive the overall digital logistics market.

There is an opportunity to digitize and automate any normal logistical activity that depends on pen and paper and repeated manual work. The team at ITS is actively adding team members who will utilize these tools and products to enhance human interaction while driving higher levels of efficiency, collaboration, and innovation.

Working in the tech industry for ITS is an incredibly fulfilling experience. What truly drives me is the opportunity to solve diverse problems and collaborate closely with end users. Being tasked with creating new software and witnessing its real impact is a source of great pride in what I do. This agile environment not only streamlines our problem-solving process but also facilitates seamless collaboration among teams. It’s a harmonious blend of problem-solving, user interaction, and cutting-edge technology that makes working in tech at ITS an immensely satisfying journey.
– Ronnie Daou, Manager – Enterprise Apps

Building a tech ecosystem

Technology is at the epicenter of ITS Logistics’ amazing growth story. We operate our entire company in the ITS Cloud and have no data centers, no legacy applications, and virtually no technology debt. That means we invest far more of our technology dollars on innovation and far less on ongoing support than many others. This in turn creates a virtuous cycle of sustainable innovation where we go faster, deliver better results, and have more fun doing it. We believe in ensuring that a team member’s “why” and engagement is not a spare time activity, encouraging forward movement and promoting meaningful work.

The current technology roadmap consists of projects that will level up the company’s use of technology to move closer to the goal of driving supply chain efficiency through complete visibility and fast decision making.

The nature of the supply chain industry evolves quickly, which presents the opportunity for our team to work on both reactive and innovative projects. Taking advantage of this opportunity requires an investment in an innovative team that spends 100% of its time focused on utilizing the latest technology to eliminate waste, friction, and manual task from business operations.

By joining our team, you’ll play a key role in:

  • Growing our public cloud platform that drives ITS’ superior business agility, operational excellence, scalability, and resilience
  • Seeking ways to leverage and monetize our best-in-class suite of cloud applications
  • Exploring data analytics platforms that improve decision-making and desired business outcomes, and uncover new opportunities through data
  • Innovating by further imbedding AI and machine learning into ITS’ business processes and customer experiences
  • Adopting agile development models and following industry best practices on continuous delivery with CI/CD
What’s even more exciting is the continued and significant investments in technology. The IT department allocates substantial funds to enhance our technology, and we can utilize these resources to develop cutting-edge solutions. Being involved in numerous remarkable projects across various divisions, there is a wealth of exciting initiatives to dive into. The abundance of new opportunities keeps me engaged in the ever-evolving tech landscape at our company.
– Ronnie Daou, Manager – Enterprise Apps

Find your career path at ITS Logistics

With a career at ITS Logistics, you’re not just joining a winning team, but a community of ambitious, like-minded professionals. We foster a fast-paced, supportive environment that encourages teamwork and fuels competition with the thrill of shared victory. Our focus on excellence and unwavering commitment to creative logistics solutions sets us apart in the industry. We believe in the power of opportunity and potential–your potential.

Unlock the future of supply chain with our extraordinary team! Join us as we revolutionize the world of supply chain through cutting-edge technology and innovation. We’re seeking brilliant minds, problem solvers, and passionate individuals to shape the next generation of logistics. Together, let’s build a brighter and more connected future for shippers and consumers alike. We are creating marketplaces that not only builds successful businesses but create thriving communities. Join our team and be part of something truly remarkable.
– Amit Asija, Senior Director of Enterprise Apps & Architecture

Unleash your potential, collaborate with the best and get rewarded for your effort. Join our team as we conquer challenges together—while you shape your future and advance your career in an industry where only the most resilient prevail. ITS is the place for those with a drive for excellence and an unwavering commitment to achieving our goals.

Join us on an innovation journey to develop market leading logistics software in the cloud and drive high-impact analytics and business insights to unlock new opportunities for ITS and our customers. You will have unlimited opportunities to contribute directly to the growth of the company, have a successful career, and have fun in a high energy and rewarding culture. Join our winning team and shape the future of the logistics industry!
– Srini Cherukuri, VP of IT Infrastructure & CISO

Are you interested in joining the team? We are currently looking for team members to fill the roles of software engineer, information security manager, enterprise data architect, data scientist, and more. Job seekers, please visit the Join Our Team page to apply!

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