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Graduating college can be a whirlwind, with the ceremony, parties and 6 a.m. mimosas. But perhaps the most dreaded part is being asked “what are you going to do now?” what seems like hundreds of times. This is especially stressful when you yourself have been wondering what kind of jobs you can get with a business degree. Here’s a list of great opportunities, including one you may have never heard of!

5 of the best jobs you can get with a business degree

A bachelor’s degree in business can set you up for a successful career after you graduate. Whether you specialized in business administration, international business, accounting or finance, this degree offers you the flexibility and knowledge to work in many different areas of a business. This wide range of options is great, but it can also make deciding what to do with your business degree more difficult. In this article, we’ve outlined a few jobs that are perfect for business graduates—some you may not have even heard of.

Financial Manager

Financial managers help companies thrive in the world of business by overseeing all financial activities of the company. They handle cash management, determine financial procedures and oversee the budgeting process across the business. Additionally, they play a large role in helping companies meet their financial goals and objectives and help handle mergers and acquisitions. If you have a concentration in finance or an accounting degree, working towards becoming a financial manager or a similar position like a financial analyst or financial advisor might be a good path for you.

Employment outlook: 16 percent projected growth from 2018-2028

Marketing Manager

Marketing is an integral part of any company. Marketing managers and departments are typically tasked with branding, advertising, social media, public relations, and internal and external communications. They also work directly with the sales teams to help companies increase sales and profitability. This business career path could be a great fit for you if you if you were a business major with a concentration in marketing.

Employment outlook: 8 percent projected growth from 2018-2028

ITS Logistics sales employees

Logistics Sales Executive

The logistics industry is a trillion-dollar global industry that is responsible for keeping the clothes in your closet, the food on your table, and all of your technology gadgets in your home and in your hands. Logistics sales representatives work with shippers that need products moved and reliable carriers who can transport the products via truckload, less-than-truckload, intermodal, rail, temperature-controlled, and more. These individuals play the middleman between these parties, providing load tracking and communication. Logistics sales is a unique industry that provides great opportunities and room for growth—and individuals who studied in a business degree program are a great fit.

Employment outlook: 16 percent projected growth from 2018-2028

General Manager or Operations Manager

A general and operations manager reviews performance data in order to measure productivity and growth across the company in comparison to company goals. They identify areas that need process improvements as well as areas that may need budget adjustments and implement accordingly to ensure the company is working as efficiently as possible.

Employment outlook: 8 percent projected growth from 2018-2028

Sales Representative or Sales Manager

Sales representatives are ultimately responsible for bringing new business to their companies and building relationships with existing customers. They contact potential customers, explain how the company can solve their problems and answer any questions they may have. Depending on the type of business they work for, some sales representatives sell directly to customers, while others sell to businesses and organizations.

Employment outlook: 2 percent projected growth from 2018-2028

Get started with a career in logistics sales with ITS Logistics today!

A career as a logistics sales executive is a perfect option for recent graduates with business degrees. The logistics industry is a great place for young professionals to springboard their careers with ample room for professional and personal growth. If you are interested in pursuing a career in logistics sales with ITS Logistics, contact us today!

Do you have what it takes to join the ITS team?

At ITS, we can give you a successful career in a trillion-dollar global industry, but what truly makes us different is our culture and values, a unique fast paced work environment, and our ability to work hard and have fun. We’re ranked #21 in North America, but we’re only getting started and we need the best talent to keep growing. Watch our video to learn more about what it’s like to work at ITS!

Official Corporate Partner of the University of Nevada College of Business

ITS Logistics is proud to be a University of Nevada College of Business Official Corporate Partner, providing real-world experience and perspectives to students by assisting with career development workshops and networking opportunities. Local, regional, national and international businesses in this program engage with and inform students about business practices and provide career opportunities.

If the logistics sales industry sounds like a good fit for you, reach out to Kaitlin Whitehead at (775) 501-3515.

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