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Workplace Culture: What it's like to Work at ITS Logistics

ITS Logistics employee playing basketball

Organizational culture is an important part of any job and can make or break your employee experience at a company. If you’re considering working at ITS, you’re probably wondering what it’s like to be an employee here and if it would be a good fit for you. The ITS Logistics company culture at our downtown Reno office is a unique and energetic environment where you can truly work hard and have fun doing it. Learn more about the organizational culture at ITS, and what makes us different.

The ITS Training Process

Our downtown Reno office has a unique and challenging training process. While the training is specific to the Logistics Management Training Program (LMTP), we require every new employee to go through the program—no matter what department they will be working in—so they are able to gain a deep understanding of our process and healthy workplace culture. This is a paid, industry-leading training program that includes specific and high-quality educational content with a highly experienced training team that gives new hires a solid foundation to succeed in the logistics industry.

The training process for LMTPs is structured similarly to the Major League Baseball farm system. The initial training process takes 3 to 4 weeks before new LMTPs graduate to the AAA table, where they work until they are eligible to be drafted to one of the “major league” teams. The draft is a fun, team-building experience based on their performance in AAA. This is a collaborative decision, where existing teams evaluate and choose who they will call up to their team based on performance and the new trainees get a chance to size up the teams to ensure that they are a good cultural fit. Each team oversees different groups of customers or different modes of transportation.

We believe in leadership instead of management and provide ongoing training and support to help all of our employees get to the next level in their careers.
– Jim Hazboun, Chief People Officer

Great Work Gets Recognized: Promotion from Within

We truly value our employees and pride ourselves on having a very comprehensive program for promotion from within. We have a clearly outlined path of career advancement that many of our employees have successfully moved through and into various roles on our leadership team. Additionally, we have created several new positions and divisions for some of our employees that have become very successful. We believe in leadership instead of management and provide ongoing training, support, and employee recognition to help all our team members get to the next level in their careers. Our employees who have been promoted from within are trained to use our unique and effective leadership style that prioritizes teamwork and a positive work culture.

ITS invests in us with training and support that really helps you grow—both professionally, and personally.
– Dominic Panelli, Division Director

ITS Logistics Company Values

Everything we do every day is based on our core values and building a positive workplace culture. Our mission at ITS is to create value while serving our customers, team members, and community. Providing a great customer experience is just one of the many things ITS is known for. Treating others with respect and compassion is at the core of our philosophy and we provide a safe workplace environment for our employees and offer them opportunities to grow, personally and professionally. This also extends to our communities, where we give back whenever we can.

Employee Morale, Perks, and Fun

Employee perks are an important part of a thriving workplace culture at any job, and ITS is no exception. We offer our team members free spin and cycling classes, free gym access, regular running groups, access to an on-site massage therapist, hairstylist, and barber, opportunities to participate in friendly competitions as well as sponsored sports leagues and more. We also provide personal development and leadership training opportunities to help our employees further their careers and improve their personal lives. Our office in the heart of downtown Reno is vibrant and full of energy with music, big-screen TVs playing sports and news, a tranquil employee lounge, Plinko board, ping pong table, corn hole, putting green, balcony with grills, and even a slide. We’ve even been known to have impromptu ping pong games, food eating contests, and full-on tug-of-war challenges between the teams.

We also have regular barbecues and parties as well as yearly company events such as baseball games, a football tailgate, holiday parties and more—employee happiness is very important to us!

I’ve been in this industry for years, and ITS really is different because of our great company culture, our shared values, and our people. This is my family.
– Randy Perkins, VP of Network Engineering

Charitable Giving Opportunities and Community Involvement

Charitable giving is one of the pillars that ITS was built on-we even have an entire committee devoted to this! We offer our employees a multitude of opportunities to get involved within the community, volunteer and attend charitable giving events. Whether it’s volunteering at the Special Olympics, helping put together bags of essentials for the homeless population here in Reno, taking a shift at the Food Bank of Northern Nevada, or being involved in Adopt-a-Family at the Boys and Girls Club of Truckee Meadows, we support employee engagement in giving back to our community however they choose.

When I walk into this office, I feel like I’m walking into my second family. I’ve never had that before. I really feed off the energy from everyone on my team every day.
– Savannah Ridgley, Division Manager

Does ITS' Positive Company Culture Sound like the Place for You? Join Our Team Today!

Engaged employees are happy team members! At ITS, we consistently strive to be one of the best companies to work for in Reno, NV. We are always looking for motivated and qualified individuals to join our team and are currently hiring for a variety of jobs. If the ITS Logistics work culture sounds like the right fit for you, look at our job openings and contact us today!

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