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Global Logistics 2023: Supply chains under pressure

By February 8, 2023No Comments

Then logistics experts discuss the challenges and prospects for global supply chains in 2023, it’s clear that a multitude of factors are involved. Many shippers and players in the transport and logistics business are currently under great pressure.

This is due to a number of lingering issues including the pandemic; huge increases in energy prices; large fluctuations in the supply and demand for transport capacities; delays in port trans-shipment; and bottlenecks in hinterland transport. Furthermore, numerous countries are experiencing double-digit inflation.

Russia’s war on Ukraine also has effects on the supply and flows of goods, while disruption of supply chains and the West’s dependence on imports continues to intensify the debate about relations with China. Above all, there’s also the environmental challenge and the question of how to reduce CO2 emissions and deal with the costs for doing so.