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ITS Logistics

Distribution and Fulfillment in the Style of E-commerce

Mary O'Connell

In this episode, we dive into the world of distribution and e-commerce fulfillment. Our guest, Ryan Martin, President of Distribution and Fulfillment at ITS Logistics breaks down the ins and out of warehousing and distribution. For more information subscribe to Check Call the newsletter or the podcast.

"Welcome back to another addition of check call. Today we are covering all things warehousing and fulfillment and everything in-between. Today we are welcoming Ryan Martin, President of distribution and fulfillment at ITS Logistics. Welcome to the show Ryan!" says O'Connell

"Thanks for having me Mary, I'm looking forward to it." says Martin.

"I am exited about today because we have all danced around these topics of warehousing, fulfillment, ecommerce--but today we are blending it all into one and getting into the nitty gritty of it. Before we get too far into that, lets get some background on you and how you got started at ITS." says O'Connell

"ITS overall is a full service logistics service provider. I have been in this industry for 25 years--which is why I have ample amounts of grey hair. I did not think I would start off in supply chain and logistics but I changed my major in school since it was he highest paying major coming out of the University of Nevada Reno. Fortunately when I graduated there was a dot come crash so it wasn't the best time to graduate in anything. But I started to working my way up the ladder. I worked 11 years for JC Penny. I always tell people I was like Mikey from Life. Ill do it--Mikey likes it and I will go anywhere and do anything. I moved about 7 times in about 10 years to do about any role you can imagine. Then overtime I worked for shippers and 3pls through out the nation. When this opportunity came up at ITS Logistics coveted. I'm not from Nevada but I am now since I have lived here about half my life. ITS has a great brand and is well known in the area and we are really good to our people and communities outside of just being a logistics provider. Lets face it, we are shipping brown boxes. There is nothing sexy about warehousing and distribution and transportation. It is really what you do outside of work and everything else. I knew the founders and about 7 years ago I came on board and I have loved every minute of it ." says Martin.

Listen to the full interview here.

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