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ITS Logistics

Network Transportation Logistics

Agile, nationwide logistics transportation solutions

Strategic, purpose-built capacity utilizes agile technology, is backed by assets, and is leveraged by people who go above and beyond.

Strategic capacity

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for logistics transportation. At ITS, we’re committed to our customers in the short and long-term. When you partner with us, you can trust we’ll deliver.


With ITS as your dedicated trucking provider, you have access to our team 24/7/365. We develop customized truckload solutions that help you optimize your transportation network and deliver the highest level of efficiency for your customers.

Agile technology

Using innovative, technology-enabled solutions, our team ensures shipments are expertly handled. Custom, in-house TMS solutions, limitless reporting, and industry-leading control tower and mobile apps create an innovative tech stack that gives you complete flexibility and visibility.

Uncompromising service and competitive rates

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Asset-Lite Provider in North America
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Innovative, industry-leading technology

We use and develop innovative, industry-leading technology to deliver efficiencies for our customers — from enhanced safety on our trucks, to the tracking of individual orders, to planning the utilization of our equipment.

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Delivering excellence with a modern asset-based fleet, the nation’s best drivers, and superior customer service.

  • Dedicated Linehaul
  • Expedited Transportation
  • Pool Distribution
  • Private Fleet Enhancement or Replacement
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Driving toward a cleaner future

Here, “sustainability” isn’t just a buzzword—it’s one of our core values.

We strive to be a best-in-class transportation logistics company by reducing our carbon footprint and adopting green technology through our sustainability programs. Here are some key features of our dedicated fleet:

  • ITS Logistics fleet is a certified SmartWay High PerformerFewer than 10 percent of all SmartWay carriers operate fleets efficient enough to make the SmartWay High Performer list for carbon emissions
  • Modern fleet of tractors with an average age of less than two years and trailers with an average age of less than three years
  • A fleet that meets all greenhouse gas initiatives
  • Trailers equipped with wind fairing packages, light-weight aluminum wheels, and Michelin tires with auto-inflation systems that last more than 350,000 miles
  • Lightweight trailers spec’d to haul heavy payloads with side skirts and e-track systems for load bars that improve cube utilization
  • Newly-renovated offices and distribution centers with LED lighting, motion sensors, skylights, 100% low-flow plumbing, air circulation systems and xeriscaping
  • Multi-faceted recycling programs