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ITS Logistics

New inflation warning for consumers coming from the supply chain

CNBC-State of Freight
February 13,2023
Lori Ann LaRocco

Containers left on chassis create two costly problems, said Paul Brashier, vice president of drayage and intermodal for ITS Logistics. It prevents those chassis from being used to move newly arriving containers, putting additional stress on chassis pools throughout the U.S., especially inland rail ramp pools. Shippers will also be charged fees for the dwelling chassis — separate from the per diem charge shippers pay per day once the container is out of use beyond its free time. “This can lead to tens of millions of dollars in penalties,” Brashier said.

He predicts that per diem charges are going to surge in the second and third quarters of this year.

“These are on top of charges for warehousing, which are still at historic highs,” Brashier said. “Late fees and warehouse fees are passed onto the consumer, which is why we are not seeing products fall as much as they should.”

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