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DAT's Data Analytics team examines current freight market conditions

July 10, 2024
Dean Croke

Dean Croke, principal analyst for DAT: Paul, you're in Texas, give us a bit of an update on what's happening with Hurricane Beryl.

Paul Brashier, VP of Global Supply Chain: Yeah, this morning at about 3:40 it made land fall. There's some localized flooding on the coastal regions. I have a few friends down there in Galveston that said there was some water that was going over the sea wall, but the further inland you get, not too much of an impact. No tornados or anything. The port authorities did shutdown all the terminals today. We'll probably see that go through tomorrow at some point, and then operations should resume normal activity as the storm pushes its way out of Texas sometime today...

Dean Croke: Your latest rail ramp index report shows that markets have stabilized despite the fact that we have got the possibility of Canadian rail strikes and interruptions up there, we have the possibility of ILA strikes on the East and Gulf Coast. Do you think we can expect more of the same stabilized market the rest of the year? Or are things set to change?

Paul Brashier: Yeah, unfortunately, what we're seeing at ports and ramps throughout the US are a result of issues at origin. Right now there aren't a lot of boxes available for shippers to get goods over. There's a lack of space on vessels, so this is a result of some headwinds that shippers are feeling overseas right now. Thus, ease of use at the current time.

The interview goes on to talk about current freight market conditions, including updates on supply and demand, pricing, plus a detailed look at DAT iQ forecasting models and how they're reacting to the current business climate.

Listen to the full episode here.

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