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May 26, 2023
Lori Ann LaRocco

Orders could be similar to last year, says RXO CEO.

Peak season expectations are some of the most currently discussed topics in logistics, but there is another key consumer metric not being considered: back-to-school shopping season.

Just like ordering for the holidays, this season — which usually runs from mid-July through early/mid-September — follows a similar pattern of calendar predictability. The planning and ordering happens at the same time every year.

Calls between shippers and logistics companies are currently underway for back-to-school logistics planning. This period of time could be used as a good barometer for the retail sector’s expectations on consumer spending.

While the logistics industry looks at the totality of volumes being moved during the back-to-school season or peak season, to declare a success you need to dig deep into the metrics in order to understand the future.

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