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ITS Logistics Releases ContainerAI: Saves Customers Tens of Millions in Demurrage and Detention Fees

how containerai will save customers tens of millions in fees

Introducing a Revolutionary End-to-End Container Management and Visibility Platform Built by Operators for Operators

RENO, NEV., Feb. 05, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)

ITS Logistics today announced its proprietary, custom-built container management and visibility platform, ContainerAI. Backed by nearly 25 years of operational excellence and two years of development, the AI-driven solution is now the backbone of ITS Logistics’ industry-leading drayage and intermodal services in North America.

By offering comprehensive insights into the ocean voyage, trucking milestones, rail transport, and port-related charges, ContainerAI equips shippers with the foresight to reduce costs, avoid fees, and optimize supply chains.

Today, 99.8% of all ITS customer container movements are managed through the platform and the highest use customer—a fortune 500 manufacturing company—has already saved tens of millions of dollars in demurrage and detention fees.

“The best visibility solutions are accurate, robust, and predictive in nature. Our customers have already experienced immediate operational and financial benefits with ContainerAI,” says Paul Brashier, Vice President of Drayage and Intermodal at ITS Logistics. “ContainerAI aggregates multiple historical and real-time data points and delivers the most accurate data for every key event from port of origin through final delivery.”

ITS leverages ContainerAI to provide network engineering, specialized industrial services, drayage, intermodal, cross dock, and complete container management solutions to customers in every major port and rail market across North America.

Built by operators for operators, ContainerAI was developed as a single, global solution to enable shippers of any size to operate their supply chains with the most accurate data available.

ContainerAI aggregates data from selective real-time sources and applies machine learning alongside historical context to produce industry-best accurate and reliable predictions. Machine learning is a form of artificial intelligence (AI), able to constantly receive, filter, and learn from data to identify the most accurate versions available of supply chain events.

"The feedback from our operations team underscores that ContainerAI not only delivers exceptional accuracy and dependability in data but also introduces a unique, stand-alone visibility, leveraging cutting-edge technology to redefine standards within the transportation market," said Mike Hatfield, Senior Manager of Global Logistics at Berlin Packaging.

ContainerAI can be accessed through ITS’ website user experience or via an open API that seamlessly connects to any existing transportation management system.

Key Highlights:

  • 100% Container Management Visibility: From origin to destination
  • Best-in-Class Data: Leverages data from multiple sources and machine learning to deliver the most accurate information for every milestone from ocean to port, to rail, to OTR, to warehouse
  • Trends and Analytics for Informed Decision Making: Granular-level, real-time, and historical container data for unlimited reporting options and freight auditing
  • Custom, In-house EDI/API Integrations: Seamless connectivity with any existing TMS or visibility platform
  • Demurrage + Detention Management: Financial forecasting through accurate calculation of charges that dramatically reduces assessorial fees
  • Seamless onboarding: ContainerAI can be up and running in just 24 hours

“The developmental strategy that formed the foundation of ContainerAI is a true inside-out approach to innovation—it’s by operators, for operators,” said Peter Weis, Chief Information Officer and Senior Vice President of Supply Chain Services at ITS Logistics. “The same technology and data that we use to run our business, we offer to our customers as part of our #11 nationally ranked drayage and intermodal solutions.”

To learn more about ITS Logistics, its full suite of 3PL services, and ContainerAI, visit ITS Logistics.

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