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ITS Logistics Parts Distribution Dedicated Delivery Service

ITS Logistics provides dedicated parts delivery services for some of the largest automakers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in North America. For decades we have supported industry leaders and ingrained ourselves into the automotive and OEM space with the highest level of customer service and operational excellence. Our parts distribution dedicated delivery service (DDS) operations are built around unique customized solutions for each individual customer. In fact, we are ranked in the top five DDS providers for Customer Satisfaction in the US and Canada by the largest North American OEM parts manager survey.



Ranked in the top five DDS providers for Customer Satisfaction in the US and Canada by the largest North American OEM parts manager survey.




How we can improve your DDS operation

At ITS Logistics, we dedicate our DDS drivers to assigned accounts and specific lanes that they run every day. Our customized networks are designed utilizing team relays, meet and turns, and repowers to ensure the most efficient solution possible for our customers. We also use some of the newest equipment in the logistics industry with full-service leases and in-service commitments, allowing for minimal downtime. Our professional and experienced drivers excel at performing unattended dark deliveries nightly with access into secured delivery locations, and our teams communicate directly with the dealerships. We also have a flat organizational structure with direct executive decision making involvement, allowing new decisions to be implemented immediately from the highest levels. All of this means you can focus on your business while we handle the logistics.

The highest level of service for dedicated parts delivery

On-Time Delivery for DDS
Claim Free Delivery
Operations with State-of-the-Art Dispatch, Routing and Load Visibility

Dedicated parts distribution best-in-class technology

With serious investment in engineering, development and business intelligence, we are proud to offer custom solutions, superior operational performance, real-time reporting, and exceptional customer service.

  • iTrax: Driver management app
    • iTrax is a custom app designed in-house that allows ITS drivers to scan all freight on and off at parts distribution centers and dealerships and matches the provided information for order accuracy. The app allows for a picture of every delivery for additional proof of delivery verification and to help mitigate damage claims. Additionally, we scan all returns to ensure they have the appropriate return labels.
  • Customer portal with track and trace capabilities
    • We provide real-time, in-transit tracking with customer login, EDI or report generation and pushed information at requested intervals. We also staff each of our teams with multiple track and trace experts who primarily monitor loads and coordinate with our drivers and customers.
    • The portal allows our customers to review current orders and invoices, track orders in real-time, enter orders online, view AR reports, send rate requests, set up access for outside locations to track orders and view order updates.
  • McLeod: Transportation Management System (TMS)
    • We utilize McLeod software for our TMS, which allows us to record each shipment tendered via EDI, enables the track and trace of assets, and allows billing via EDI all through a single platform.
  • New Equipment
    • Our 2019/2020 tractors are equipped with GPS, e-logs and dispatch, and Lytx DriveCam Event Recorders.
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Expertise in OEM DDS with Mercedes-Benz USA

In order to keep up with high-volume production and distribution networks while maintaining excellent service, OEMs like Mercedes-Benz USA need reliable partners who take the responsibility of successfully servicing the customer’s needs. Learn about how ITS helped MBUSA rank #1 in DDS networks. READ THE CASE STUDY.

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Claims process & mitigation for parts distribution services

At ITS, we dedicate our drivers and equipment to specific lanes and this true dedicated solution minimizes handling and reduces claims. When we do have claims, we deal directly with dealerships and daily returns allow up to expedite the entire claims process. We have an e-track tie down system that all drivers are trained to use that improves stability on loads and helps mitigate in-transit damage. We are also consistently looking for continuous improvement opportunities, which historically has led to a measurable reduction in claims.

A DDS case study in continuous improvement

When you work with ITS, you can rest assured that you are collaborating with a partner that will always challenge the status quo to improve processes and drive costs down for our customers.


An industry-leading OEM was experiencing increased claims on a specific part during transit. We investigated and determined that these claims would fall under concealed damage. After we received several similar claims for the same part, we worked with the parts distribution center to implement a process to determine where the damage was occurring. We ultimately discovered that the root cause was a manufacturer’s packaging defect that caused damage to occur during the overseas import and drayage process. The customer was able to notify their manufacturer, modify the packaging and virtually eliminate the issue.


We are consistently looking for places where we can help our customers improve their standard operating procedures—and ultimately save them time and money.

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With our dedicated fleet services, we provide industry-leading OEM parts DDS solutions complete with cutting-edge technology, a hyper-focus on claims mitigation and excellent customer service. We are proud to offer convenience, efficiency and reliability to our customer every day. Our ability to develop dedicated networks across North America and experience in the automotive sector make us a great fit for OEMs and automakers looking for reliable partners to help maintain the highest level of service. If you are looking for the best in dedicated parts distribution services, give us a call today!

ITS Logistics is proud to partner with McLeod and use LoadMaster for our Dedicated Fleet Services. The dynamic transportation management solution streamlines communication, improves load tracking and visibility, and greatly increases operational efficiency, ultimately allowing us more time to focus on what’s important—our drivers and customers.

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