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Blending fleet technology with tradition and experience

The right fleet technology solution makes all the difference in the world of transportation and logistics. Since our inception, ITS has strived to be on the cutting edge, keeping ahead of the curve while staying true to our roots. This has made ITS one of the safest and most efficient carriers on the road. Our tractors feature onboard computers equipped with the latest GPS, geo-fencing, e-logs and dispatch technology on the market. With real-time access to loads in transit you’ll always know where your shipments are and have the confidence that they will deliver on time.

Industry-leading logistics technology

We utilize a large variety of technologies ranging from custom, in-house applications to industry-leading track and trace and transportation management software to personalized reporting capabilities to state-of-the-art equipment. Through research and first-hand experience, we know that the technology we employ will deliver the ideal solution for every one of our customers. These fleet technology solutions include:

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Our custom-built iTrax application allows us to accurately track individualized freight. Drivers use mobile devices to scan shipments on and off each truck so we can provide freight status updates in real-time ensuring complete accuracy and accountability.


Each ITS truck and trailer are equipped with Skybitz which offers precise tracking of trailers and containers. This helps us provide real-time track and trace on your shipments, customized reporting and improved asset and fleet management.


We utilize McLeod as our dynamic transportation management system. The leading-edge software combines dispatch operations and accounting all in one package, allowing us to streamline communication, improve visibility, offer detailed reporting, and increase operational efficiency and productivity.


Omnitracs is our transportation management system for planning, routing and dispatch that increases operational efficiency, improves the driver experience, and delivers a clearer data evaluation. This helps us keep vehicle capacity, business requirements, customer requests and every key detail of an operation top of mind. The system also includes satellite-based mobile interactive information management with data communication and vehicle position tracking that provides an unprecedented level of visibility for our operations team and our customers.


All our tractors are equipped with Lytx drivecam recorders, which provide event recordings that are designed to help prevent collisions and improve driver safety and the safety of people in our communities. Since we’ve employed this technology, collisions have decreased 73 percent across the fleet.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

EDI allows for computer-to-computer exchange of business documents in a standardized electronic format between business partners. With EDI, load tenders are sent automatically to customers with load details and information, ensuring everyone is updated as soon as possible.

Customized Reporting

All our fleet technology solutions allow us to provide customized reporting to our customers. We have an in-house development team that can create whatever reporting you need to ensure you are able to track the metrics that matter most to your business. We also deploy custom-built dashboards to our operations teams to ensure complete visibility and make sure we are operating as efficiently as possible.

State-of-the-art Equipment

At ITS, our fuel-efficient tractors are 2019 and 2020 Freightliner Cascadias and International LT625s that are equipped with GPS, e-logs and lane assist. Our modern, air ride trailers have e-track tie-down systems for improved stability, load integrity and claim mitigation. We also prioritize proper fleet maintenance to ensure safety and increase fuel efficiency.

Advanced client and route planning

Our network engineers and planners combine our suite of technology platforms, years of systems data and their years of industry expertise for optimum mode and carrier selection, economic shipment consolidation and optimization of delivery routes to increase efficiency in our fleet operations across the board.

Get started with ITS fleet technology today

At ITS, we are proud to leverage a wide variety of technology solutions to make our customers’ lives as easy as possible. Learn more about our regional trucking services and how our technology expedites our process by contacting us at (775) 227-4532 or fill out a form today.

ITS Logistics is proud to partner with McLeod and use LoadMaster for our Dedicated Fleet Services. The dynamic transportation management solution streamlines communication, improves load tracking and visibility, and greatly increases operational efficiency, ultimately allowing us more time to focus on what’s important—our drivers and customers.

Learn how we use transportation technology to create logistics solutions.