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ITS Strives to be the Best Truck Driving Company in the Industry

An ITS truck driver trains in the simulator

The Best Truck Driving Company to Work for in Today’s Trucking Industry

As a professional truck driver at ITS Logistics, you’ll hit the road feeling supported, safe, and prepared for what lies ahead. We focus on getting to know our drivers and make them feel that they are part of the ITS family. With the implementation of safety and training procedures, you will be set up for a road to success. Recently added to our training program is a driving simulator to better prepare our drivers for situations that may occur. Here are just a few reasons ITS is the best truck driving company to work for:

Truck Driving Simulator for Both New and Experienced Drivers

Preparing a new driver for all road and weather conditions can be tricky. Reno is home to four temperate seasons – which can be tough for newcomers that aren’t familiar with moving freight in wet winters. Preparation for trips past the Lake Tahoe region and over Donner pass during the snowy months without real-world trucking experience is nearly impossible – not anymore! The simulator allows drivers to experience realistic circumstances when moving freight such as a blown tire, engine seizing, weather conditions and slippery roads. The program helps us to identify truck driver risk through safety metrics. We touch on truck driver behaviors such as following distance, city driving, mountain driving, tight turns and more.

The simulator also helps with drivers allowing themselves to feel the pressure and train their minds to stay calm. It shows them different outcomes of real-life situations, while being guided by a trainer in a controlled area. With innovative technology, we can reset any mistakes with the press of a button and assess what happened. The feedback from our drivers is that the simulator is cool and realistic – surprisingly so, at that! The seat and steering wheel even update 2,000 times per second to simulate the realism of a truck. These features make the truck driving experience as realistic as possible down to every detail of the drive. Implementation of the simulator is another step toward ITS becoming the best truck driving company in the industry. The L3 Harris simulator will continue to be an extremely helpful tool for our company in the years to come.

We realize the tremendous value our drivers bring, so we try to tailor their onboarding and training experience, so they get the same value in return.
– Tim Aboussleman | Senior Director of Operations

The Power of Industry Leading Technology

ITS is focused on driver safety in 2023. We aim to protect you as a truck driver through industry-leading logistics technology. For instance, if one of our drivers has to suddenly break when someone cuts them off, the camera is automatically activated to record the incident and protect our driver. The cameras are also activated by a button easily accessible to the truck driver as a tool to protect our drivers. There are sensors on the outside of our trucks for adaptive cruise control, following distance and even lane departure. This allows our team to see where our drivers are on the road and aid in effective communication. Also, it helps the teams to confirm our drivers getting from point A to point B safely.

ITS operations team members and drivers can find empty trailers with an app, which makes a tremendous difference for saving time. They can tell right away if a trailer is empty or loaded and track their trailers, eliminating any waiting around. These programs are implemented to provide our drivers with helpful tools, keep them safe, moving and making money. Moving freight without industry-leading technology would not allow our drivers to go home to their families every day.

ITS Family Culture: How We Strive to be the Best Trucking Company for Drivers

When we say that we do care about our drivers – we mean it. ITS is here to provide you with the tools and support you need to live a successful and happy trucking life. We strive to be there for you and your families no matter what. Some feedback we have gotten from our drivers is that they truly feel appreciated and experience positive interactions from leadership to operations and everyone on the floor. They have grown to enjoy the training and onboarding process and understand that we put in the extra effort to know their lives and families. We do not have truck driving school, but we do have a phenomenal trucking trainer program that touches on all owner operator procedures. The training content is applicable, and the program is not dragged out. They say there are always “cool vibes, joking around, having fun and actually smiling” in an environment that is normally dull.

Our drivers are home daily – worst case scenario, every other day. Meet and turns have been a helpful procedure, which is where two drivers meeting at a location to swap trailers. Then they head the direction they came from to shorten both of their days and get the trailers delivered efficiently. For every walk of life, things happen, and life gets messy, know that we are always thinking of you! ITS drivers are held accountable for following certain safety procedures to keep you safe. Know that you are more important than freight in every situation. Our job is to mitigate risk on the road to the best of our ability for your protection.

We Appreciate Our Drivers

ITS has many companywide events to show appreciation for employees, a big one being truck driver appreciation week. An entire week dedicated to showing our appreciation, even though we appreciate you every day. There are events such as annual company tailgate parties and company BBQs throughout the summer. Our team send out personal thank you, anniversary, and birthday cards for all drivers. ITS even has a newly renovated truck driver lounge at our Sparks terminal, stocked with snacks and drinks. ITS is the best company for truck driving jobs, and we want you to join our team today as a certified CDL driver and let us set you up for trucking industry success.

Become an ITS CDL Truck Driver Today

With the new Indy and Dallas expansions, we are looking to grow our truck driving team. ITS truck driving jobs open for both expansions as we are totaling 3.1 million square feet of warehouse and distribution space. Check out more about joining the ITS family today!

Veteran’s Program

At ITS, we recognize that truck driving is a perfect career for military veterans. Your search for truck driving jobs is over! We highly value you and your service to our country. 100% of your time in the military up to twenty years will count as driving experience. ITS is very proud to offer CDL jobs moving freight for veterans and provide you with great pay for your military experience through our Veteran’s Program.

If you think you have what it takes to join the ITS team as a company driver, check out our current job openings and apply or contact us at (866) 303-2518 and one of our friendly recruiters will reach out to you within 24 hours.

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