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ITS Logistics Driver Pay Increase Q and A

An ITS truck driving down the road

ITS Logistics has launched a new truck Driver Pay package that rewards our current CDL A drivers for their hard work and dedication-and pays new drivers for their industry experience from 1-20 years. Director of Marketing Patrick McFarland sat down with ITS Fleet Sr. Director of Operations Tim Aboussleman for a quick Q & A detailing the reasons behind this move!

Premium benefits for Solo and Team CDL A truck drivers


  • $.55 to $.65 CPM solo drivers, depending on experience
  • $.68 to $.74 CPM team drivers, depending on experience
  • PLUS up to 10% in our 6th Day Incentive Program
  • $2,500 unlimited driver referral bonus (tell a friend!)


  • Dedicated freight & consistent schedules
  • Generous home time
  • Weekly pay
  • New trucks, technology & supportive ops teams
  • 70 hours of PTO in your first year
  • National healthcare coverage, dental & vision
  • Company matched 401k
  • Friendly rider and pet policies

This is a pretty aggressive Driver Pay increase, why the big change and why now?

TA: I think we’d all agree that 2020 was a really difficult year. It was frantic and crazy, but our drivers stepped up. Our drivers were (and continue to be) frontline and essential employees. Their hard work and dedication not only kept the company afloat but also kept the country moving. They deserve this pay raise now more than ever. Realistically though, the market is not going to get any better. It’s going to stay crazy and we need to be smart and position ourselves in a way that will allow us to get better experienced drivers-and more of them. I can’t see a better time than right now to make this move.

I know it’s been a tough market for the trucking industry in the last few years with increases in equipment costs, insurance costs, repair costs. How has the fleet at ITS been able to manage through these times?

TA: You’re right, it is a challenging industry to be in right now. We’re lucky in that we have strategically partnered with dedicated customers, many of whom are still running at peak level volumes but right now. To be honest, we have more work than we do drivers right now-and that’s one of the reasons for this change. We know there’s a truck driver shortage and that we have to be more competitive in this market to bring more drivers in.

Does this pay increase change or take the place of the safety bonus?

TA: It does, but first off I’d like to say that since we’ve rolled out the safety bonus, more than 90% of our drivers are receiving it every single month. On top of that, our drivers are some of the safest drivers in the industry. Our accident per miles have been historically low for our organization and is above the industry standard. Our drivers deserve this bonus every single month. On top of that, it simplifies our driver compensation messaging and the pay program as a whole.

What are the future plans for the ITS Fleet for 2021 and beyond?

TA: One word: Dedication. The goal is to grow with our partners and add new strategic partners, focusing on relationship-first. We want to be dedicated to our customers, focusing on all of their needs, rather than a transactional relationship. We will intertwine with our customers’ businesses via technology and we want them to see our fleet and drivers as an extension of their companies. True dedication.

For a new driver looking to join ITS, what do you mean you “pay for experience”?

TA: We want drivers to join our team, and we know it’s very difficult for a professional driver who’s been at the same company for 10 to 15 years to jump to a new trucking company, knowing that they will fall to the bottom of the pay scale. That’s why we are pushing out a new pay program to pay drivers for their experience from 1 to 20 years. For example, if you have 15 years of verifiable experience, instead of starting at 55 CPM, you’ll be starting at 62 CPM-nearly a 12 percent increase. We know this is exactly what we need to do to get the good quality talent we need for our dedicated lanes.

Last question, why should a driver choose ITS?

TA: It’s because we’re different. We’re dedicated to safety, we’re dedicated to our customers, and we’re dedicated to our drivers. We have an open-door policy that goes all the way up to our CEO. Our company drivers enjoy dedicated lanes which allow them a sense of normalcy and work-life balance. Our dispatchers are the best in the industry. They treat every interaction with drivers and customers with professionalism and politeness. Lastly, we have fun, and we pay well. Come join our team today!

Check out our current job openings and apply or contact us at (866) 303-2518 and one of our friendly recruiters will reach out to you within 24 hours.

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