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How ITS Prepares Professional Truck Drivers for a Road to Success

An ITS truck driver standing in front of an ITS truck

Professional truck drivers at ITS Logistics are the backbone of our Fleet services and we work hard to ensure that every truck driver is well-equipped to hit the road with our three-day Road to Success (RTS) training program.

Without truck drivers, millions of people and companies around the world would not get the delivery of goods that they need every day. The entire supply chain relies heavily on these professionals to move freight from node to node and keep the world running smoothly. We make sure our drivers know that we see them as the most important part of the chain-and ensure they are valued on and off the road at ITS.

I have been on the road as a professional truck driver for more than 21 years and been driving with ITS for 15 years. ITS has always been good to me, they put the driver first. They offer one of the best training programs I have ever seen.
– Rob Pierce, ITS Road to Success & Fleet Safety Trainer

With RTS, drivers are paid for the week of training, during which time they will meet with the dispatch and support teams, get signed up for benefits, and learn about our bonus pay programs. Whether it’s a sixth day incentive program, the monthly driver photo contest, referral bonuses, clean truck incentives, or the many appreciation events we hold throughout the year, our drivers are a part of the ITS family and receive the gold treatment from day one.

RTS truck driver training is conducted on a weekly basis at both the Sparks, Nevada and Indianapolis, Indiana locations with lunch, snacks and dinner included every day. Once classes are completed, drivers will perform a ride-along with a tenured ITS truck driver so that they can become familiar with the equipment and their specific route.

Smith System

Every year across the United States, there are injuries and deaths as a result of traffic incidents that could have been prevented. Some accidents are unavoidable, but the right precautions can prevent many common collisions. The Smith System 5-Keys Defensive Driving Course is a series of interlocking techniques to do just that.

The training program teaches early detection, awareness, accurate forecasting, perceptive anticipation, and deliberate reaction. The knowledge and perspective drivers learn from the Smith System will pair perfectly with any years of professional driving experience brought to the table. These techniques have been tested and proven by thousands of professional drivers since 1952.

In RTS, drivers will participate in a Smith System Course, taught by a certified instructor. A recertification is required for our drivers every two years. We’ve found so much value in the class, that everyone who works in transportation at ITS is required to go through the program.

The course 5-Keys are taught first in class, then out on the road for a practical hands-on training. The primary objective of this course is for drivers to learn the value of space, visibility, and time to react, which will ultimately prevent accidents while also reducing stress and anxiety on the road for our drivers.

Pre-Trip Inspections

Along with the other safety-focused material we teach during RTS, we’re very proud of our pre-trip inspection method called Circle of Inspection. This hands-on portion of class shows drivers a very detailed and process-driven way to conduct their pre- and post-trip inspections.

Aptly named the Circle of Inspection, the driver will start at one corner of the equipment and then review a step-by-step process that ends the inspection back at the same corner where they first began so nothing is missed. Pre- and post-trip inspections are critical for the safety of our drivers and the motoring public.

At ITS we also provide leading technology that helps drivers save on time, breeze through weigh checks, and document their inspections. We use Omnitracs, a fleet management technology for truck drivers to do all the above while easily and accurately logging their miles and drive time. We make sure our drivers get as much training as they need to feel confident using the system during RTS and any time after.

J.H.A. (Job Hazard Analysis)

Mitigating personal injuries while working in and around trucking equipment is a large focus of RTS at ITS Logistics.

Hands-on training is conducted for job hazard analysis covering vehicle entry and exit, raising and lowering of landing gear, opening the trailer doors, entering and exiting the trailer, pulling the fifth wheel, safe removal of the fuel cap, and more.

Truck Driver Appreciation… All Year Long

Our team continues to work on the ways in which we appreciate our drivers on special occasions-and every day. We do this through events like an annual company tailgate party, Driver Appreciation Week, breakfasts and BBQs throughout the year, personal thank you, anniversary, and birthday cards for all drivers, and a newly renovated driver lounge in Sparks, with one coming in Whitestown later this year. We continue to find new ways to let our truckers know we appreciate them every day of the year.

Supporting Our Veterans

Veterans are true heroes with the type of experience and qualifications that we value at ITS Logistics. We proudly pay veterans for the time they spent serving our country and offer a Veterans Trucking Program-counting 100 percent of time in the military up to 20 years as driving experience on our pay scale! Truck driving is a perfect fit for military veterans because of the teamwork, discipline, organization, and leadership skills gained in the armed forces. Truck driving is a solid, long-term career option that allows you to deliver the goods that keep the economy running while also enjoying traveling across the country.

“I’ve been driving since 1987 and ITS is the best company I have ever worked for. That’s why I’ve stayed 15 years!” – Bob Sprague, ITS driver and former RTS trainer

Communication is Key

The number one thing that we hear from professional truck drivers is that they want as much communication as possible. Because of that feedback, we have developed a number of ways to keep in contact with our drivers. Tim Abousselman, Senior Director of Operations, sends out a monthly video on everything from healthy eating tips and reducing stress to updates on company happenings.

Drivers will receive a monthly email newsletter and be invited to join the ITS Fleet private Facebook group. In the Facebook group, drivers share funny memes, tips and tricks, viral videos, and we challenge drivers to share epic photos from their time on the road. The driver who gets the most likes on their photo each month is awarded a $100 bonus on their next paycheck.

In addition to keeping drivers informed, we also provide drivers with several platforms to share their feedback. After a new truck driver is onboarded, they will receive a 30-, a 60-, and a 90-day call to check in and see how they are doing. An assigned driver recruiter will also conduct quarterly retention calls to every single driver, and this gives them a chance to put forth any issues, tackle tough conversations, or even have a chat to catch up.

Our CEO and the Fleet Services team send out birthday cards to individual drivers as well as cards to recognize their employment anniversaries. One additional event returning this year is the bi-yearly driver all-hands meetings. Breakfast is cooked for everyone who attends and it’s another way we stay in direct communication with our truckers. The event is two-fold, both an update from the CEO in-person as well as face time with the rest of the company.

At our Vista location in Sparks, NV, there’s a fully stocked drivers lounge with things like a convenience store, ice maker, phone charging station, air hockey, and even an old-school arcade game. Drivers can hang out and watch TV while in between loads, get weather and road condition updates, check the Dash Boards to see the latest operational data, and come right up to the windows to talk with the entire fleet team.

We truly have an open-door policy at ITS, from anyone on the ops floor all the way to the president of operations. We offer support 24/7/365 to help our professional truckers no matter what situation they find themselves in at any time of the day.

Hit the road with ITS Logistics

At ITS, we are seeking experienced drivers to join our team. We offer competitive pay and benefits, a 401k option with company match, national healthcare coverage, generous home time, dedicated freight, paid vacation and holidays—and most importantly, respect.

If you think you have what it takes to join the ITS team as a company driver, check out our current job openings and apply or contact us at (866) 303-2518 and one of our friendly recruiters will reach out to you within 24 hours.

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