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Drive for ITS Logistics: you have questions, we have answers

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ITS Logistics Driver FAQ

We’ve received a lot of questions from prospective drivers lately, and we thought it would be a great opportunity to have some of them answered by the first driver we ever hired here at ITS Logistics. He’s still around and he’s seen just about everything in the last twenty years, so here are his insights and answers. Thank you, Noel for stepping in and helping us out!

Q: Does ITS Logistics hire drivers to “fill an open seat” like so many other companies do?

A: NO! We are actively seeking career-minded drivers that want to work with us for the long haul. That’s why we have developed a (new) generous progressive pay-scale, a well-rounded benefits package, and a very achievable 8% incentive-bonus to top it all off. Many of our drivers have been part of the team for over 5, 10, 15 years respectively all the way up to the very first two drivers hired over 20 years ago. That’s not just “filling an open seat”, that’s fulfilling career goals and building a long-term partnership. It’s time to open the door to your new home, family and career!

Q: I have a lot of driving experience but do have some anxiety about all the new technology that it looks like ITS Logistics employs. Should I still apply for a driving career here, and what should I expect?

A: Part of being a professional in any industry is recognizing, embracing and adapting to new ideas and technologies that will increase overall safety and efficiency. If you have a professional attitude and willingness to learn, absolutely apply! Our team of training professionals will patiently provide guidance both during and after orientation. We know that your success as an individual translates to our success as a team and as a company, so we’re happy to invest in you and make sure you understand all of the tools to do your job to the best of your ability.

Q: Does ITS Logistics slip-seat tractors?

A: With few exceptions, we employ what we call “Shared Asset Utilization”. Most of our tractors are for dedicated runs and such runs have dedicated drivers. An example of the sharing follows: one tractor is utilized Monday through Friday for two different runs per day. Run “A” departs at 01:00 and returns at 10:00. Run “B” departs at 13:00 and returns at 22:00. The tractor may also be utilized on the weekend if needed. Our team tractors are dedicated to each team and very occasionally may be utilized by others when the team is on vacation, etc.

Q: How often are pay days?

A: Weekly, on every Friday unless Friday is a holiday, then it’s the day before.

Q: When I hit all of incentives for the bonus in a given month, when does it get paid out?

A: The very next month on the first pay-day following the 10th of the month. The bonus is itemized on your paystub and included with your regular paycheck.

Q: If I violate the requirements to achieve the bonus in a given month, when am I eligible to earn it again?

A: You will be eligible to earn your bonus in the next month!

Q: What type of earnings are eligible for the 8% bonus?

A: Hours worked, miles driven, differential pay (part of hours worked), and paid time off (PTO).

Q: What type of earnings are NOT eligible for the 8% bonus?

A: Bonus income, award income and overtime hours.

Q: What are the requirements to achieve the monthly bonus?

A: We’ve worked hard to simplify our bonus program and make it easy to understand. There are only four main requirements to achieve the monthly bonus.

  1. No traffic citations
  2. Show up on-time for your scheduled work assignments or if you can’t make it, call in at least two hours before your scheduled departure
  3. No at-fault accidents exceeding the cost of $250
  4. No documented disciplinary actions related to the Safety Conduct Standards or the Standards of Conduct

Q: What percentage of drivers actually receive the bonus?

A: Since we recently rolled out an improved incentive program, we only have a few months of data, but it was 70% in the first month and more than 80% in the second. We expect that percentage to continue to increase as everyone gets used to the requirements and those that don’t qualify promptly improve their behavior.

If anyone has more questions about driving at ITS, please submit them, and we’ll answer them in the next FAQ!

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