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The Valley of the Sun

Arizona isn’t kidding, either.  The Valley of the Sun welcomes more than 16 million people each year to visit this metropolitan area, and it’s not just to soak in the weather. Phoenix is an incredible launching point for startups, entrepreneurs and other local companies looking to expand their reach on the West Coast.

Five Fortune 500 companies are headquartered in Phoenix: Freeport McMoRan, PetSmart, Avnet, Republic Services, and Insight Enterprises. Plus, the cost of living is affordable compared to a lot of other major cities. The climate and mountainous desert terrain is very similar to that of Nevada, and provides optimal temperament for your products, especially in transit.

ITS Dedicated Fleet Services in Arizona is just another way for us to remain the leading 3PL company in the West Coast and provide solutions to our clients across the country. Arizona offers one of the lowest cost environments for doing business in the United States, aside from Nevada, of course.

With a high quality of life, few government regulations and a robust workforce, Arizona boasts many of the same positives as our beloved state, making it a no-brainer for ITS Logistics to set roots in this desert paradise, too.

Arizona currently ranks as seventh lowest in the average cost of workers compensation, the sixth lowest in property tax cost, and the second lowest in unemployment insurance taxes. Arizona is also close to three extremely large markets as well, Mexico, Texas and California. With both low corporate tax and low income tax, Arizona reminds us quite a bit of home.

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