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ITS warehouse services cover much more than just storage. As an expert Third-Party Logistics company (3PL), ITS Logistics can customize solutions to match your specific warehousing needs from fulfillment processes, supply chain management and more. Warehousing services can be confusing on a larger scale as your company grows. As a trusted fulfillment warehouse in northern Nevada, ITS Logistics specializes in focused solutions and processes for your product and business.


ITS Logistics can help you reduce your overall costs for distribution warehousing and fulfillment. Our strategic northern Nevada locations allow for next-day ground service to nearly every major U.S. city in the West. While there are many options for warehouse services in Reno, the right choice lies with ITS. From years of industry experience to just plain knowing the lay-of-the-land, warehouse fulfillment and distribution doesn’t have to be complicated. We provide our clients with clear and concise updates on the journey of their products, fulfillment and more.

Warehouse Services and Specialties

As a company that started from small beginnings, we are proud to offer the breadth of services we do now. As we have expanded from Reno/Sparks to the Greater Los Angeles Area and Phoneix, AZ, we can’t help but be grateful of the relationships and partnerships that we’ve built over the years to get to where we are. ITS Logistics now proudly offers Food Warehousing, Logistics Warehousing, Kitting and Assembly, and Inventory Mangement.


Warehousing Services are put in place to make your life easier, and when you have a passion for logistics and organization, you have the makings of a 3PL that provides supply chain management that far exceeds both regional and industry standards.


Fulfillment Warehouse Benefits

  • Short Term and Long Term Solutions
  • Seasonal Storage
  • Full Inventory Information and Tracking Provided
  • Custom Inventory and Transaction Reports
  • Increased Efficiency, Reduce Excess Stock
  • Unmatched Warehousing Services in Reno and Sparks
  • Guaranteed Accuracy and Performance Improvement
  • Proof of Delivery and Proof of Collection
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Distribution and Fulfillment Warehousing for You and Your Team


Being ‘The Hub of the West’ sure does have its perks. We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for our favorite state and its close proximity to other local hubs. We know our stuff, but where we live plays a huge role, too. If your company is in need of warehouse space, increased seasonal storage, or anything else in between, we have the resources to help you. Our clients are extremely happy with our prices, perks, and people. We love who we work with and who we work for. Let us show you why so many others have chosen ITS Logistics as their warehouse service solution in Reno/Sparks and beyond.


Warehousing services and distribution are becoming increasingly more complex, let us do the dirty work. We will provide support to you through every step of the supply chain, from receiving goods and order picking to shipping and delivery, we are here to support you and your business.

Premiere Warehouse Service in Northern Nevada


From big-box distribution to D3C fulfillment, and everywhere in between.  From Lot Control to Quality Inspections, we have the proven experience from working with top-tier customers like Starbucks, TreeHouse Foods, Dairy Farmers of America and Michael Lewis Company, and more. These, coupled with our Subscription Box Fulfillment services and Pick and Pack Fulfillment services, offer the full breadth of support for your supply chain. The marriage of B2B and B2C is here, and ITS Logistics is at the forefront. This is the future of customer relations.


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