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It might seem like “sustainability” is just a buzzword that companies throw around to make themselves look better, but at ITS Logistics, sustainability is more than that—it’s a core value that we try to live every day. We know how important sustainable practices are and we make sure to look at everything we do through a sustainability lens. We also know that our work is not done, and we will keep striving towards a greener future for our team members, customers and communities, because we know how important it is. Learn more about the wide range of what we’re doing in our daily operations to work towards a more sustainable future.

Sustainable packaging and practices in our Distribution Services

We have been implementing sustainable logistics practices in our distribution services division for years and continue to do so as we grow and expand our services and customer base. The growth of ecommerce has really heightened sustainability awareness among consumers, making it a priority for many of our customers. This is why we perform the following best practices to keep our distribution services green.

ITS Logistics sustainable packaging

Sustainable packaging

It’s becoming increasingly important to consumers that sustainability is prioritized at the companies they buy from, making it vital for businesses to utilize sustainable packaging. For years we have been using recycled material for packaging in our distribution centers, which includes recycled paper fillers (instead of items like packing peanuts and plastic packaging), recycled boxes and even recycled tape.


Conserving materials

Another very important aspect of sustainability is reducing use of unnecessary packaging materials. We prioritize this at ITS is by using double sided shipping labels. We print the shipping label on the front and the packing list on the back. This eliminates the need to print a second sheet of paper with a packing slip that would go inside the package. We also make a concerted effort to have a variety of packaging options, so we can match items to the perfect box size and avoid sending out small items in large boxes, which creates more waste and requires more filler material. By conserving these resources, we are avoiding creating unnecessary waste.



While we try our best to create as little unnecessary waste as possible, we are not zero waste (yet). We recycle carboard, paper, plastic and wood materials to avoid adding to the landfill.


Conserving energy

Our distribution centers have motion-sensor lighting to conserve energy. We also have low flow plumbing, LED lights, and xeriscaping to make sure we are doing our part across all of our facilities.

ITS Logistics sustainable trucking

Sustainable fleet management with our Dedicated Fleet Services

At ITS, we understand the environmental impact of operating a fleet of trucks. While trucks are an absolute necessity, there is room for improvement when it comes to sustainability. We have taken steps to shrink our carbon footprint and are always looking for more ways to do so. We implement the following sustainable fleet management practices.

US EPA 2020 SmartWay High Performer

Our truck fleet is recognized by the US EPA Transport Program as a SmartWay High Performer for 2020. Only 2 percent of all SmartWay truck carriers operate fleets so clean and efficient that they make this list and we are honored to be one of them. Our entire green fleet also meets all greenhouse gas initiatives.


New tractors and trailers

As part of our fleet sustainability initiative, our fleet is equipped with modern tractors with an average age of less than two years, and trailers with an average age of less than three years. Newer tractors and trailers get better fuel efficiency and are getting better and better for the environment as discoveries about sustainable trucking are made.


Efficient equipment

Our tractors are equipped with wind fairing packages, light-weight aluminum wheels and Bridgestone tires with auto-inflation systems that last more than 175,000 miles. Additionally, we have lightweight trailers that are spec’d to haul heavy payloads with side skirts and e-track systems for load bars that improve cube utilization.


Industry-leading MPG

Our fleet management team actively encourages our drivers to get the best MPG possible, providing them with MPG bonuses and new equipment with speed governors that helps them get the job done. This will continue to improve as things get more and more efficient.

SmartWay Logo

Our truck fleet is recognized by the US EPA Transport Program as a SmartWay High Performer for 2020. Only 2 percent of all SmartWay truck carriers operate fleets so clean and efficient that they make this list and we are honored to be one of them.





Sustainability is the future of ITS Logistics

At ITS, we know sustainable logistics is our future and we continue to make adjustments to our everyday operations to reflect this. Achieving sustainable practices is very important to our team members, customers and communities, so we make sure to keep it in mind as we make improvements to our current procedures and plan for the future.

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