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Retail Today

January 10, 2023

By Michelle Wong

By Manny McElroy

Senior Vice President of Transportation, ITS Logistics

The retail sector always operates on tight delivery schedules and even tighter margins. When the supply chain is unstable, the peril for retailers comes in many different forms.

Over the course of 2022, ITS Logistics worked with a variety of retailers who were trying to navigate their way through this challenging situation in logistics. We all saw unusual phenomena like shelves with no peanut butter, or goods being priced far higher than in the past. Retailers came to us looking for strategies and technologies to overcome everything from port congestion to shortages of truck drivers to the scarcity of warehouse space.

As we worked through all this, we found that we could usually group the issues retailers faced into a few categories.

One widespread challenge was the need to scale up or down to meet wildly divergent business cycles. The market swings have been more extreme than usual over the past year or two, and that requires retailers to have supply chains with flexibility and agility.

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