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AUGUST 25, 2022


In this episode our hosts, Robert Bain and Adam Perlmutter chat with a special guest… Randy Perkins, VP of Capacity at ITS Logistics. They discuss ITS Company Culture and the challenges that have come with growth as well as the importance of driving a meaningful and impactful capacity strategy.

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Randy’s Background:

  • He worked in diesel parts for a long time. His brother started working with ITS and motivated him to come on board too. As soon as he got into this, it pulled him in just like it probably pulls most people in… It’s addictive! (In a good way!)
  • T&L is a fast paced environment and the mainframe of the economy.

“I’m not going anywhere, you know this is it for me, this is my endgame, I’m here indefinitely”.- Randy Perkins, on how much he enjoys working at ITS, and thus plans to stay there.

Company Culture

Growth & People

ITS’s growth thus far has been organic. They started small and credit a lot of their business growth to their people. ITS is very focused on the competitive nature and everybody that they bring in house.

The other unique thing about ITS’s business model is that they have a significant amount of assets, and they utilize those same assets in their brokerage side.


It all starts with the ability to recruit the proper people. ITS have done a lot in regard to making sure that they are hiring optimal types of personalities. While industry experience is important, ITS cares more about your ability to take on challenges and overcome them. For example, they want to know:

  • How have you overcome adversity in your life?
  • Are you that type of person when things get hard? Are you able to overcome that?

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