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By Kaleb M. Roedel


RENO, Nev. — For Scott Pruneau, CEO of ITS Logistics in Sparks, the amount of technology available for a business to invest in is not unlike being at an endless buffet. A company could take a heaping of hardware, a serving of software, extra helpings of IT staff, and every tech bite in-between.

“You’ve got everything you want, but how do you decide what you’re going to eat?” Pruneau said in a phone interview with the NNBV. “If you don’t make a decision, you end up eating everything and feeling terrible. It’s hard to choose because there are so many different ways you could go.”

“Even in our supply chain business, we could let ourselves get distracted by a million things that are cool and look like they’re great. But if it takes you away form our core vision, purpose and competencies, it can be really distracting.”

Indeed, with technology’s rapid evolution, companies have to keep up to speed by spending on tech — from upgrading outdated IT infrastructure to putting increased priority on IT projects.

“It’s critical,” Pruneau said of investing in tech. “I think the marketplace dictates that companies get more efficient at what they do. And if you’re not leveraging technology to improve processes or connect with customers or using tools to make yourself the most safe partner, then you’re losing ground to the competition — and potentially profitability.”


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