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Check out this article from Northern Nevada Business Weekly about the new additions to the TMCC Logistics & CALM program, including an interview with ITS Logistics President of Warehouse and Distribution, Darryl Bader.

One industry that has benefited from Northern Nevada’s surging economy is the logistics sector.

However, one issue companies in the industry are constantly facing is finding skilled individuals to fill the abundance of jobs in the market.

To help bridge that gap, last year Truckee Meadows Community College added a Bachelor of Applied Science in Logistics Operations Management degree program into its logistics degree curriculum.

“It’s difficult to find non-skilled workers, let alone the skilled four-year graduates with a real background in logistics,” Darryl Bader, president of warehouse at ITS Logistics said in an interview at the company’s facility in Sparks.

Brian Addington, an instructor in TMCC’s logistics management program, said the introduction of the four-year program gives companies incentive to find local talent rather than outside the market as well as foster skills necessary in the industry. He added the program now allows students to work toward a certificate or degree that coincides with their skill level in the workplace.


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