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ITS Logistics Freight Brokerage continues to grow, and builds valuable partnership with College of Business at the University of Nevada, Reno


After starting inside a closet at one of the area’s largest logistics companies, the freight brokerage wing at ITS Logistics is now a multimillion-dollar division with planned expansion. For many of those who work there, they are taking lessons learned from the sports field to the surging freight industry.

Inside a downtown Reno high rise, you’ll find a fast paced group of competitive connectors. The people who work there are freight brokers, or middle men for shippers and carriers.

Local company ITS Logistics has become a market leader with about $100 million in deals this year.

“Folks have told us there is no way you can do this in Reno,” said President of the division, Mike Crawford.

Crawford is an ex-Nevada Football and NFL player. Former athletes fill the innovative and inviting office with a bit of a locker room type feel. They all share a common obsession first found on the field: winning.

“The competitiveness and the team work, those go hand in hand. We pride ourselves in everybody working together. If you walk around here you’ll recognize there are teams inside this office.”

And like any team they have a recruiter, who in this case is the University of Nevada’s College of Business.

“Probably 25-30 percent of their workforce here are College of Business alums,” said Corporate Relations & Outreach Director Jim McClenahan.

They want to keep talented grads in the community.

“We’re thrilled that there is a local employer who is growing a lot that has great career opportunities,” said McClenahan. “In 2018, we’re going to hire 35-45 new associates helping us continue the growth curve.”

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