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Paul Brashier, ITS Logistics VP of Drayage and Intermodal was recently featured in an article in the Wall Street Journal that discussed the complexities of moving Southern California ports to 24/7 operations.

From the article:

The inertia has prompted finger-pointing by various participants in supply chains built to move goods from the ports to inland distribution centers and then on to retailers and manufacturers across the U.S.

One trucking company that would like to use the 24-hour pickups said TTI’s appointment restrictions are so onerous it struggled to qualify for an appointment. To pick up loaded boxes, TTI requires firms to drop off certain types of empty containers as well as certain types of truck trailers, known as chassis, so the terminal can maintain a balance of equipment.

“I can have 100 or 200 containers” to return, said Paul Brashier, vice president of drayage and intermodal at Reno, Nev.-based ITS Logistics. “But if they aren’t the specific steamship line box on the specific chassis they need at the specific minimum, you’re out of luck.“


Read the full article by Paul Berger on The Wall Street Journal.

ITS Logistics VP of Drayage and Intermodal Paul Brashier

Paul Brashier, VP of Intermodal and Drayage at ITS Logistics