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Technology and Innovation go hand in hand at ITS Logistics

This award is presented to the company that demonstrates innovation in the creation or use of logistics technology, and which achieves significant sales/revenue growth and employee growth. Special consideration is given to companies that demonstrate significant patent, R&D and IP activity.

“ITS Logistics takes great pride in leading the way in technology use within the logistics industry for Northern Nevada,” said David Espinosa, Director of IT. “We’ve really added some great assets and talent in the last year which has enabled us to deliver some impressive gains in ecommerce optimization, business intelligence and even custom mobile solutions for Fortune 500 companies. Through the use of these innovative technologies, we are truly building a holistic logistics technology ecosystem.”

The award will be announced at the NCET Awards Dinner on Thursday, April 5, 2018 at the Atlantis Casino Resort’s Grand in front of 400 of Northern Nevada’s business and community leaders. Thank you to everyone at ITS that made this possible!

In addition, we would like to congratulate Chad Harden and Kelly March in being named two of the NCET Tech Stars for 2018. Annually, NCET provides an opportunity to recognize members of the Reno-Sparks tech community for their significant contributions to their companies. This year, we are lucky to have the opportunity to recognize both Chad and Kelly for their work in 2017 for ITS Logistics. Their efforts have pushed our department and company to new frontiers of technical and professional excellence.

Chad Harden: Chad is the manager over both the Network Infrastructure and Support Teams. Chad has led a team which has consistently delivered both a reliably available infrastructure and excellent customer service to all ITS team members. In 2017, the ITS infrastructure was available for a remarkable 99.99951%, with only 259 weighted minutes of unscheduled downtime.  The “5 9’s” metric is the gold standard in IT infrastructure availability. This past year, Chad and team consolidated all desktops, laptops, and thin clients to a single operating system: Windows 10. This single move has greatly improved maintenance and support calls, and has reduced the cost of implementation of new software for the ITS desktop ecosystem. Additionally, Chad and team closed a remarkable 96.5% of all help desk tickets submitted to the Support Team: 527 out of 546.

Kelly March: Since Kelly joined the ITS Team, she has been at the center of the ITS Business Intelligence (BI) initiative. This exciting initiative focuses on promoting data itself to being a first-class business asset, empowering better and more timely decisions. In 2017, her efforts and collaboration with each of the business areas became the basis for the first corporate revenue dashboard, no small feat considering the disparate nature of each of the business areas. Starting 1/1/20018, Kelly has been asked to spearhead the Solution Services team. This team, tasked with owning data creation and curation from cradle to grave, has already greatly streamlined the solution creation efforts at ITS… a trend which I am certain will continue.

Please join us in congratulating both Chad and Kelly on this recognition!