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ITS Logistics was proud to honor and recognize the amazing COVID-19 Response & Vaccine Deployment teams including Washoe County Health District employees, the Nevada National Guard and community volunteers, Saturday, April 17th with lunch from Liberty Food and Wine.

On Saturday, 2,800 people were signed up to receive their second dose vaccine on, one of their largest second dose distribution days to date. For more information on how to get vaccinated through the Washoe County Health District, click here.


From KRNV News 4:

ITS Logistics, a third party logistics company in Reno and Sparks, bought over 90 meals for vaccinating volunteers at the Livestock Events Center.

The ITS leadership team is composed of University of Nevada, Reno graduates with an appreciation for local businesses.

When members of the ITS Logistics team got vaccinated through the Washoe County Health District, they all noticed one thing, says CEO of ITS Logistics, Scott Pruneau.

Several of our folks including our founders, and a lot of our leadership team, had gone through the process, got the shot, and every person that came through talked about how well organized the process went, how fast we got through and how many cars were going through. One of our founders actually punted the idea to us to say what do you think about buying these guys lunch?

According to James English, Regional Operations Chief for WCHD, 30 to 60 volunteers are needed daily at the Livestock Events Center. That’s not including call center employees and other agencies that help with providing vaccines every day.


Read the whole article and watch the video here.


ITS Logistics CEO Scott Pruneau