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On Wed., Feb. 2, ITS Logistics’ asset-lite transportation division celebrated their 20,000+ sq ft office expansion at 50 West Liberty St. in downtown Reno with an employee “sledgehammer” party.

More than 150 people from ITS, representatives from Basin Street Properties, Dickson Commercial Group and Pinecrest Construction & Development, as well as members of the local business community and media partners were in attendance.

“This is about all of us right here, and I want to thank everyone for working hard and helping us grow together. We couldn’t do this without all of you,” said ITS Logistics President Mike Crawford, addressing the crowd.

The new expansion, in addition to their existing office space, gives them more than 40,000 sq ft and will allow for the addition of 225 new team members throughout 2022, including large open concept workspaces, meeting and conference rooms, indoor and outdoor lounge areas, as well as a state-of-the-art scalable training space.

ITS is currently hiring for multiple positions in sales, IT and development, finance, operations, marketing and human resources. To apply, visit:

For the full press release, “ITS Logistics doubles Reno office space to more than 40,000 sq ft and plans on adding 225 new team members in 2022”

Gallery of images from the event (click for full size):