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RENO, NV – Jan. 18, 2021 – ITS is proud to announce the retirement of one of our original employees, Noel Frenzel. Noel has the honored distinction of being the first driver ever hired at ITS Logistics, and we’re happy to say that after 20 years of dedication, Noel is retiring to spend well-earned, quality time with friends and family, and to continue to travel around the world.

“Today is a special day at ITS, as driver #1, Noel Frenzel is retiring from the company,” said ITS CEO Scott Pruneau. “Not only was Noel our first driver, he is the epitome of what every ITS employee should strive to be—hard working, principled, excellent at what he did, and a true ambassador of our culture and values.”

Noel’s sterling career consisted of 35 years in the industry, with the final 20 years at ITS with more than 2.5 million accident-free miles. He has always been an exceptional driver, but Noel also truly lived the values that have driven ITS to be what it is today.

When asked about what he will remember most, Noel said, “Seeing how it started with a vision and watching it come to life has been amazing. When I first came in for an interview there was only one desk, 2 chairs and 3 founders. There was so much passion! It’s been a pleasure working with so many great professionals along the way.”

Noel always went above and beyond by offering his expertise and advice to the leadership and operations teams and to help mentor his fellow drivers throughout his many years. If you ever received a 2-page email (or a few hand-written pages) from Noel in the middle of the night, you know what we’re talking about.

Today, we proudly honor Noel for his “20 Years of Excellence” and his many contributions to the ITS legacy. Thank you, Noel!

ITS Logistics driver Noel Frenzel