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64,000 students in Washoe County are now in distance learning programs at home, but more than 16,000 of them do not have access to a home computer!

We are proud to team up with the Education Alliance of Washoe County and the Reno Cigar Lions Club to help collect new or gently used laptops for children in need today. New laptops can be purchased for as little as $250. ITS Logistics is donating several used and new laptops, and we challenge you to do the same. You can drop off your laptop donation to our offices at 555 Vista Blvd., Monday through Friday, between the hours of 11am and 2pm. For more information, or to offer a cash donation (any amount will help!), please contact Kendall Inskip, Executive Director of Education Alliance of Washoe County at 775-353-6951. Thank you for your support!

Here is an easy online link to donate now!

For more information, watch this story on KTVN Channel 2 News:


Dan Allen KTVN Channel 2 News


Nearly 16,000 students in Washoe County don’t have access to a computer at home as the district rolls out its distance learning initiative due to COVID-19.

Education Alliance of Washoe County, ITS Logistics and Reno Cigar Lions Club are teaming up to collect and distribute new or gently used laptops for students in need in Washoe County.

These companies are collecting laptops Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. at the ITS Logistics Office located at 555 Vista Boulevard in Sparks.


Additional coverage from KOLO 8 News Now:

Dan Allen of ITS Logistics


“Finding devices for our students who may not otherwise have the ability to connect with their teachers and classmates during this extremely difficult time allows them equitable access, and that is so important to our district,” said WCSD Interim Superintendent Dr. Kristen McNeill. “Allowing students the opportunity to connect virtually hopefully lessens the stress for them and their parents/guardians in an otherwise atypical time in their academic lives.”

Education Alliance of Washoe County says ITS Logistics is spearheading the collection of laptops, it donated several for Washoe County students already, and now the company is asking Nevadans to do the same.

“As a corporate member of the community, we felt that we had to do something to support less fortunate kids gain access to technology, enabling them to participate in the virtual learning process,” said Dan Allen, co-founder of ITS Logistics.


Additional coverage on Channel 4:




Education Alliance of Washoe County, ITS Logistics, and Reno Cigar Lions Club are teaming up to collect and distribute new or gently used laptops for Washoe County students in need.

When Washoe County schools transitioned to virtual learning, nearly 16,000 students didn’t have computers to complete their school work.


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