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ITS Logistics Senior Director of Fleet Operations Tim Aboussleman and Director of Marketing Patrick McFarland were recently featured in Truckers News. They chatted about the new improvements to the ITS driver pay package and their focus on being a driver-centric company.

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From the story:

Listen to Patrick McFarland and Tim Aboussleman talk about the business approach of ITS Logistics, a 3PL company based in Reno, Nevada and you quickly learn this isn’t your typical trucking company. And, you also understand why they are willing to pay and treat divers differently.

McFarland is the director of Marketing at ITS, an almost 22-year-old company running about 250 trucks. He said the company is focused, for the most part, on serving what most people would consider demanding, high-end, readily-recognizable customers like Starbucks, Amazon, Mercedes Benz, and Tesla.

Aboussleman is ITS’ senior director for operations for the fleet division and said because of the level of service it provides, it needs to hire the best drivers it can find. And, ITS is willing to pay for those drivers and provide them with the kinds of benefits to keep them happy, productive, and sticking with the company.

“This may sound corny,” said Aboussleman. “But, Patrick and I have talked about this a lot, and what really makes us different is our dedication. We find ourselves to be dedicated to the customer, and through that, we’re dedicated to our drivers by providing dedicated lanes and just dedicated relationships the whole time. That’s who we are in one word: dedicated.”


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