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Excerpt from article originally published in Inbound Logistics. 

By Jennifer Baljko


Flexe logoEvert is less surprised by the shippers who come to Flexe for innovative solutions than by the collaborative relationship it is building with 3PLs, who in some contexts may see Flexe as a competitor.

“It has been interesting to see the way 3PLs engage with us,” Evert notes. “Sometimes, we bring them a piece of business that they may not have gotten themselves, and we can help 3PLs, especially regional providers, fit into a brand’s national warehouse and logistics strategy.”

That was the case for ITS Logistics of Reno, Nevada.

When Walmart ran a two-week promotion for televisions in fall 2018, it turned to Flexe to supplement its warehousing and logistics needs. Flexe then reached out to ITS for help in positioning product on the West Coast.

“Everyone thinks that Walmart has all the space in the world, but they are still building out the e-commerce side of the business,” says Ryan Martin, president of distribution services at ITS Logistics. “Flexe asked if we had a decent-size warehousing option they could use for the promotion.

“It was extremely successful, and turned out to be a nice shot in the arm for our revenue,” Martin adds. Additionally, since Flexe uses a simpler web-based platform than ITS uses in-house, it was easy and efficient to move Walmart’s products in and out of the warehouse.


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