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Is it time for supply chains to break out the pre-pandemic playbook?

By May 4, 2023May 11th, 2023No Comments

In an inflationary environment, the industry will need to get back to basics to succeed.

After three years of chaos, the pendulum is finally swinging back to favor the basics of supply chain management.

We are seeing large tech companies laying off thousands of employees, while others are streamlining operations, redeploying supply chains and preparing for the inevitable economic expansion.

For those who entered the profession during the height of the pandemic, this move may be a new learning experience. But for those of us who are supply chain veterans, we knew this day was coming. It always does.

Going “back to basics” doesn’t mean ditching the newer technologies that streamline procurement processes and allow industry players to make good analytical decisions. Instead, I’m talking about embracing the foundational building blocks of procurement and supply chain management, especially in an increasingly volatile economy.