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Fulfillment Services

Quick, efficient, and accurate order fulfillment services for any channel

Order fulfillment for every size business

We provide national fulfillment services for product categories from health food to home improvement to high-end fashion to electronics to athletic equipment—and everything in between. We offer a complete suite of order fulfillment and order management services for every facet of your supply chain, no matter what your specific fulfillment needs are or the size and scope of your business.

Ecommerce Fulfillment

Ecommerce order fulfillment is a necessity in today’s environment and if you’re not doing it, you need to be—and you need to do it well in order to keep up with your customers’ expectations and stand out from the competition. Keeping your customers happy by offering same day shipping, free and efficient returns and accurate management of warehouse inventory levels is extremely important to your success. An experienced third-party logistics provider or fulfillment company can help you excel at ecommerce business and increase customer loyalty. Learn more about our ecommerce fulfillment services.

Pick and Pack Fulfillment

Pick and pack fulfillment is a vital part of many types of ecommerce fulfillment and the efficiency of this process can determine the success of your business. There are a variety of pick methods from zone picking to batch picking to cluster picking and choosing the right pick is an important part of the process. At ITS, we utilize a custom software called Flexpick 2.0 to automate manual picking processes and increase productivity significantly. It also allows us to streamline client onboarding and create the most cost-effective fulfillment solution for your business. Read more about pick and pack fulfillment at ITS Logistics.

ITS Logistics Employee scanning item in warehouse

Direct to Consumer Fulfillment

We simplify the shipping process and get your product into your customers’ hands with speed and accuracy. We provide unique B2C fulfillment service for you and your business and pride ourselves on our high level of service, industry expertise and truly digging into the details of your supply chain to develop the perfect solution for you. Delivering directly to consumers differs greatly from delivering to businesses, and it all starts with attention to detail, the ability to truly understand every level of your business and a rock-solid integration process. We focus on creating seamless, end-to-end relationships that foster strong levels of communication and trust between you and your customer. Read more about our approach to direct to consumer fulfillment.

Reverse Logistics and Returns Processing

Your returns process is becoming an increasingly important piece of the overall customer experience—especially when it comes to online purchases. The way you handle returns can easily dictate whether a new customer becomes a repeat customer or never purchases anything from you again. That’s why it’s important to plan ahead for returns to make the process as efficient as possible while ensuring a seamless experience for your customers and keeping your fulfillment cost in check. Learn more about reverse logistics and returns with ITS Logistics.

B2B ecommerce

Transitioning your B2B company to B2B ecommerce can be very beneficial, but it can also be a complicated and massive undertaking. B2B brands often miss the chance to communicate directly with their customers by focusing on products and services instead of the customer experience, but it is entirely possible to master direct-to-consumer even as a B2B company. Learn more about how to make the transition to B2B ecommerce successfully.

Amazon Shipping Services: Seller Fulfilled Prime, Fulfilled by Amazon and Fulfilled by Merchant

If Amazon is one of your sales channels, it’s more important than ever to ensure you have a fulfillment partner you can trust. Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) is a great option for sellers who don’t want to pay the extra money for or don’t meet the requirements for Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). SFP means you can still sell to the massive audience of Amazon Prime members while fulfilling and shipping orders on your own instead of at one of the Amazon fulfillment centers. At ITS, our knowledgeable team members have years of experience with the complicated and ever-changing SFP requirements and know how to meet them—so you don’t need to worry about it. Read our comprehensive guide to Seller Fulfilled Prime to learn more or learn about the differences between SFP and FBM.

How to achieve ecommerce success in 2021 ITS Logistics

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Ecommerce

The popularity of consumer packaged goods (CPG) has grown exponentially over the past few years. Customers like the convenience and cost savings of signing up for subscriptions of their daily items that require replacement regularly and not having to worry about running out. There are a variety of things to keep in mind if you have a CPG ecommerce business, from attractive packaging to on-time deliveries to customization options, and it’s important to ensure you are meeting your customers’ expectations every step of the way. Learn how an order fulfillment company like ITS can help.

Shopping Cart Integration

Seamless integration of every aspect of the buying process from purchasing an item to delivery on the customer’s doorstep is extremely important. Buyers expect their experience to be easy and fast-so if your fulfillment process is not efficient, they will go somewhere else. Shopping cart integration for ecommerce companies can seem complicated, but that’s where an experienced fulfillment provider can help. At ITS, we can help you set up your ecommerce platform integration through an API, allowing the information to flow flawlessly from one application to another. A great shopping cart integration can help your entire operation move more efficiently and ultimately increase customer loyalty. Read more about shopping cart integration.

Subscription box fulfillment

Subscription boxes are an excellent way to engage with your customers, but aspects like convenience, unboxing videos and extremely high customer expectations mean the flawless execution of these boxes is more important than ever. We know that presentation is a very important aspect of these boxes, which is why we use a custom packing and kitting process specific to your business to ensure customer satisfaction. We also understand the importance of timing for subscription boxes, so we always make sure we have everything in place to fulfill all boxes at the same time each month and ensure your customers receive them on time. Learn more about our subscription box fulfillment services.

A full National Fulfillment footprint with three ideal locations

Our three strategic locations in Reno, NV, Indianapolis, IN, and Dallas/Fort Worth, TX allow us to reach almost 95 percent of the US population within two days.

Northern Nevada is known as the “Hub of the West” because Reno/Sparks is at the center of an extensive transportation network located at the cross of two major highway corridors: Interstate 80 and U.S. Highway 395-reaching over 53 million people with overnight delivery to nearly every major city in the Western United States. Our facilities are also only hours away from the Port of Oakland for expedited import and export options. Read more about the distribution benefits of Reno, NV and the advantages of a Reno distribution center over a California warehouse.

Midwest Logistics Hub

Indiana is also called the “Crossroads of America” because it has five major interstates that run and intersect through the state, a large rail network, 400 miles of navigable waterways and the 8th largest air cargo facility in the country. Indiana is also less than three hours from Chicago, which is the largest rail hub in the US, and less than two hours from the UPS Worldport Air Hub in Louisville. With a central fulfillment warehouse in Indiana, you can reach 75 percent of US and Canadian populations in less than two days. Learn more about why Indianapolis, IN is the perfect location for a Midwest logistics hub.

The Logistical Heart of North America

Texas has been America’s leading exporter for 17 straight years, and it is far from a close lead. Despite having 10 million fewer people, Texas barely edges out the Golden State as the nation’s capital for foreign trade, and therefore logistics. Texas moves 3.3 billion tons of freight per year and has 5 of the 30 largest ports by trade value. When it comes to warehousing, from 2010-2018 metro Dallas-Fort Worth ranked 1st nationally in industrial space expansion. Robust freight rail is another result of Texas’ logistics industry and Fort Worth is home to the headquarters for BNSF. And finally, everything is bigger in Texas including road buildout and it ranks #1 among the 50 states in total lane miles.

Customer service where it counts

No matter what kind of fulfillment service you need for your business, customer service is always our number one priority. With high levels of competition in every industry, it’s important to ensure that your customers have an excellent experience, leaving them with a great impression and making them a repeat customer. We work with you to learn every aspect of your business to ensure that we can best serve you and your customers.

Innovative Technology Solutions

Technology can be a key differentiator in your fulfillment operation, which is why we invest heavily in that area for our customers. Our in-house technology teams have the expertise to integrate with any shopping cart or order management system to create solutions that deliver real time inventory management, customer order status and shipping updates. We also have a robust business intelligence team that provides custom dashboards for our customers to use to make immediate, data-driven decisions that ultimately increase business growth.

The Numbers Speak for Themselves

ASN Timeliness
ASN Accuracy
On-Time Shipping
Fill Rate
Pallet & Carton Labeling
Load Quality

At ITS, our goal is to become your long-term fulfillment services partner. With our wide range of services, unmatched industry knowledge and our National footprint, we can find a creative logistics solution for you-no matter your challenge. To learn more about our fulfillment services, give us a call today.

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