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Four Reasons AIB Food Storage is Right for You

For shippers within the food and beverage sector, quality and consistency is crucial, and they want to partner with logistics providers that can guarantee products are transported and stored safely. Choosing a provider that has been recognized by AIB International, a third-party service that provides a certification program for food warehousing, gives shippers confidence that their products will be handled with care.

ITS Logistics has more than 630,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space and has received a “Recognition of High Achievement” from the AIB. This guarantees ITS will handle food at the highest standards in the industry. Here are four reasons to invest now in a warehouse and distribution solution at ITS Logistics’ AIB food storage facility.

1. Protect the Integrity of Your Products

The AIB certification ensures world-class standards are met throughout ITS’s facilities, so you can trust your products will be stored and shipped at the highest criteria. ITS Logistics offers FIFO, FEFO and LIFO inventory management as well as lot control and the ability to track the entire lot lifecycle.

2. Government Regulations Demand Food Safety and Documentation

The Food Safety Modernization Act has brought new safety standards and documentation requirements for those within the supply chain. ITS Logistics stays current on the standards and its tracking and documentation capabilities provide shippers with the information and protocols they need to meet and exceed government regulations, which reduces their liability while also improving safety.

3. Proactively Manage Recalls

When food and beverage recalls take place, it is important to have proper inventory tracking within the warehouse to pull products from the shelves. FSMA requires shippers to quickly track and trace products in the event of a recall, plus acting fast can improve consumer safety and help improve the company’s image. The technology within ITS Logistics’ warehouse allows employees to identify where a product is located and recall or dispose of it, if necessary.

4. Safeguard the Company’s Brand

Consumers demand safe products, and no one can afford to lose consumers’ trust. The AIB certification as well as ITS’s tracking and recall capabilities, inspection procedures and inventory management capabilities ensure products meet consumers’ and shippers’ high standards. ITS has experience with customers such as Ralston Foods, Mars, Kellogg’s, Dairy Farmers of America and Michael Lewis Company, all of which highly value their public image. ITS and Starbucks have been partners for more than 15 years, and ITS handles warehousing, inbound raw materials, green coffee transfers, vendor inbound, plant transfers, outbound retail and consumer product for Arizona, Nevada and California.

Food and beverage providers need a logistics partner that can ensure quality product security throughout the supply chain, increase efficiency and optimize profits. ITS Logistics’ experts work to help customers exceed food safety expectations and industry standards.


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