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Manifest 2023

February 13, 2023

Moderator Stan Green

Drayage doesn’t have to suck. The importance of technology in providing visibility to supply chains cannot be overstated. In today’s fast-paced business world, it is essential to have real-time information about the status of goods in transit and the availability of inventory. By using technology, businesses can track and monitor their supply chains, enabling efficient planning and execution of operations to meet clients’ needs. The use of geofences and APIs is helpful in managing container pools and eliminating demurrage per diem, which reduces the burden on drivers. Given the constant changes in demand, technology will remain relevant in the industry, and it’s necessary to work with technology providers to adapt to these changes. Improving the industry requires addressing several key areas, including training, compliance, and conversations around rating drayage moves. By providing proper training, ensuring compliance with industry standards, and engaging in conversations around rating drayage moves, businesses can work together to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of supply chains.

“I would say the biggest thing that technology provides is visibility. That is what I’m pretty sure everybody out here, every BCO needs and over the past 18 months if you’re not providing visibility to someone’s supply chain weather on your own assets or you’re aggregating capacity you’re putting stuff in yards and managing container pools and eliminating demurrage per diem. That visibility platformed from dray provider is key and you have to be able to deliver that to your clients because that is by far the only thing folks are concerned about right now and that’s what we have learned over the last 18 months. Where is my freight? Is it cleared through the terminal. Can I trust the data I am getting from the terminal side or the port or my trucking provider so I would say summation for our end providing visibility to our clients is key and you got to be able to do that every market through out the united States because everybody shipping in to East coast ports there are not used to West coast ports so there not used to and playing ping pong to avoid the next upcoming catastrophe.” said Paul Brashier, Vice President of Drayage, and Intermodal for ITS Logistics.

Watch the full panel interview here.