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Consumers expect consistent shopping across all channels

By January 17, 2023May 12th, 2023No Comments

CI&T, which is focused on digital transformation for global brands, announced the release of its third annual Connected Retail Report, revealing consumers’ evolving attitudes and expectations for omnichannel shopping. This year’s report shows intra-pandemic consumers are hopping between online and offline shopping in the ways that work best for them and expect consistent experiences regardless of the avenue, posing a new channel balancing act for retailers.

With store restrictions lifted, consumers are recalibrating their shopping routines and along the way redefining what they want out of the connected retail experience. According to the report, consumers are shopping digital and physical channels at almost identical rates, evenly splitting their time between online (48%) and offline (52%) shopping. Meanwhile, the vast majority (86%) of respondents have the same expectations for both retail worlds.

Consumers reinforced this point by indicating that they have highly similar desired capabilities for online and brick-and-mortar stores with reliable in-stocks, easy returns, and efficient shopping journeys being the most valued aspects of the user experience. As a result, retailers need to evolve their thinking of connected retail as across-the-board innovation so that consumers can channel-hop without disappointment.