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ITS Logistics

Why Choose ITS Logistics for Your Drayage Service

Industry Leading Intermodal and Drayage Service with Unmatched Expertise

ITS Logistics is comprised of extensively trained professionals who are equipped with the necessary skills and expertise to deliver exceptional drayage service. Prioritizing the development of comprehensive standard operating procedures (SOPs) for customers ensures consistent and efficient operations for customers. By harnessing cutting-edge systems and advanced technologies, ITS Logistics optimizes, processes, and delivers exceptional solutions to clients. The company has an impressive footprint in the North American market. It has established a strong presence and a proven track record of success with customers. A footprint in over 50 markets combined with wide-ranging capabilities enables the team at ITS to cater to diverse customer needs on a national scale.

Customer-Centric Solutions: Well-Trained Team and Customized SOPs

Customer satisfaction is a top priority. With highly-specialized teams and abundant capacity, every customer’s needs can be met with precision and efficiency. This ensures on-time and safe deliveries. The highly trained teams excel at delivering customized solutions and tailoring each experience to align with detailed SOPs.

How ITS actively addresses client pain points, potential bottlenecks, and inefficiencies:

  • Limited capacity of trucks, trailers, chassis, and containers can be a pain point in drayage and intermodal operations for shippers. ITS offers an aggregated capacity utilizing their own equipment and contracted dedicated partners.
  • Shipment visibility and tracking through ITS’ visibility platform offers real-time shipping container tracking, efficient inventory management, and seamless communication for customers.
  • The company has a proven track record in managing complex logistics networks throughout North America. Which ensures efficient coordination and streamlines operations across multiple transportation modes and stakeholders.

The customer-centric approach ensures that clients receive peace of mind and have their needs met to the highest standards. Explore the website to find case studies showcasing real-life success stories. AHF Products has recently formed a successful partnership with ITS Logistics. This partnership is projected to result in cost savings of $600,000 within the first year.

After conducting a thorough analysis of AHF Products’ operations, a comprehensive set of standard operating procedures (SOPs) was swiftly developed to optimize their processes. These detailed SOPs strengthened communication and outlined operations plans. Additionally, implementing a tech platform for AHF Products, offering complete visibility into tracking shipments throughout their supply chain. This centralized platform for ocean freight and drayage operations brought peace of mind to customers and warehouse operations.

Flexibility and Adaptability: Molding Services to Meet Customer Needs

Engaging a provider who adeptly molds and shapes its services to meet unique customer requirements will provide stability, agility, and flexibility. This is crucial in today’s evolving supply chain. The team at ITS readily adjusts its services and solutions to align with specific demands of different locations, routes, or transportation modes.

ITS’ Footprint Consists of:

  • 4 service lines
    • Dedicated Fleet
    • Integrated National Capacity
    • Distribution Services
    • Supply Chain Services
  • Distribution centers are in the Western, Midwestern and Southern region.
  • Campuses in the Reno-Sparks, Nevada, Indianapolis, Indiana and Dallas/Fort-Worth, Texas regions, distribution and fulfillment services reach 95% in two days.
  • Dedicated and regional trucking services in Nevada, California, Texas, Arizona, and Indianapolis.
  • Footprint in 50 markets in North America with port and rail drayage services in 22 coastal ports and 30 rail ramps.

No matter the drayage and intermodal freight need, ITS has the solution offerings for a variety of shipping container management options with the highest level of service:

  • Drayage and intermodal services operate with superior access at every ocean port and rail ramp in North America. They guarantee the smooth movement of your supply chain.
  • ITS offers an expedited drayage service, ensuring prompt deliveries for time-sensitive container shipments. As #11 drayage carrier in the US, the company provides 24/7/365 service to meet urgent transportation and container needs.
  • Inter and intra carrier drayage services efficiently transport freight and cargo to major rail ramps, yards, and hubs nationwide.
  • Superior shuttle drayage capacity facilitates efficient freight transfer between container and rail yard across North America, overcoming port congestion and overcrowding.
  • The intermodal drayage solution, implemented in collaboration with IMC companies, ensures the smooth transportation of freight through various modes. The inclusion of door-to-door and ramp-to-ramp services guarantees efficient and reliable delivery.

Efficient Solutions for Seamless Logistics

One of the key aspects of the technology solutions offered by ITS is the advanced tracking platforms. These platforms allow for the accurate and up-to-date tracking of containers, chassis and trucks providing customers with visibility and control over their goods throughout the transportation process. The ITS team utilizes an ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) predictability engine that combines historical data and real-time information. This enables them to offer customers dependable estimated arrival times for their containers.

The Loop tracking app is another noteworthy transparency tool. The cutting-edge application enables real-time tracking of truck locations during the transport of goods. Customers can access vital information and updates related to their freight by utilizing the Loop app. This not only ensures transparency but also facilitates effective decision-making.

A strong emphasis is placed by the company on control tower functionality. This means that ITS provides a centralized command center that offers comprehensive oversight and management of the entire supply chain. Through their control tower, customers can gain real-time insights, make data-driven decisions, and optimize their logistics operations. Security and compliance are key priorities for ITS, ensuring that all services align with the highest security standards and industry regulations. By prioritizing security and compliance, ITS Logistics instills confidence in their customers, assuring them that their shipments are in safe hands.

Throughout all of the challenges of the pandemic our highly trained dedicated trained staff was able to keep all of our client’s supply chains moving, even when others were not. They did this by utilizing our best-in-class training and tech platforms to navigate any challenges poised to them. By prioritizing service, our team has developed deep relationships with clients and truly care about their supply chains.
– Paul Brashier, Vice President of Drayage and Intermodal, ITS Logistics


Experience the exceptional reliability of ITS Logistics, a trusted logistics partner offering:

  • A team of highly trained professionals
  • State-of-the-art systems, a customer-centric approach
  • A dedication to operational enhancement through advanced technologies
  • Unparalleled flexibility in meeting diverse customer requirements

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