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What Would Your Dad Say About Your Warehouse?

A warehousing team member operating a forklift

When researching logistics providers, it is important to learn more about the quality of operations and management of each company. When it comes to distribution and fulfillment services, warehouse facilities can be a telling sign of what is going on behind the scenes. Warehouses are essentially the center of the commercial world, but not every warehouse is operated or maintained to the same standards.

“When I walk through our warehouse facilities, I find myself asking: What would my dad say? Our general campus manager, Todd Huber, plays the role of ‘Dad’ at our Northern Nevada facilities. Dads play the stereotypical role of raising the bar on standards.” – Kasia Wenker, Director of Supply Chain Solutions

“I think my dad would be proud of the cleanliness, organization and moral of the distribution centers we run. If he met my management team, he would understand why we are as efficient and productive as we are in each DC.” – Todd Huber, General Campus Manager


  • What kind of shape is the safety equipment in? Are team members wearing their reflective vests, closed toed shoes, etc.?
  • Are team members focused and engaged with their duties?
  • Is the person hosting the tour engaged with team members?
  • Does the host seem to be respected and accepted by team members?
  • Are there displays or scoreboards posted with actual results and feedback to motivate team members to win?


  • Is cleanliness up to par?
  • Are work and common areas cluttered or in need of repair?
  • Are the restrooms to an acceptable standard?
  • Are storage and picking clearly marked?
  • Does the lighting promote safety and productivity, while negating eyestrain?
  • Is the temperature appropriate to the climate? If not, what can be addressed to achieve this?


  • Are the aisles and docks crowded with boxes, product, or packing materials?
  • Are there visible issues at the storage and pick area when it comes to sizing and layout, matching of aisle widths to equipment types, and task scheduling?
  • Are pickers waiting for others to complete picks in the same area?


  • Is most picking occurring from a height that will prevent fatigue and back problems?
  • How clean are storage and picking areas? Does the debris give the indication of improper storage of slow-moving materials?
  • Are fast moving products nearest to shipping docks to reduce travel time and improve trailer turnaround time?


  • Are there trailer wheel chocks and ICC bar restraints to prevent movement of trucks away from the dock?
  • Are there proper precautions taken to prevent lift trucks tipping or falling from docks?

Working with a trusted logistics provider

ITS warehouse services are much more than just storage. ITS offers customized solutions to match specific warehousing needs, from fulfillment processes to overall supply chain management to implementing technology and everything in between. As a trusted fulfillment warehouse, with a myriad of storage options, ITS Logistics specializes in custom solutions for your business.

From our strategic national distribution warehousing and fulfillment locations, you can reach 95 percent of the US population within two days, without expediting an order. We provide our clients with clear and concise updates on the journey of their products, fulfillment, shipments and more through industry-leading technology, a hyper-focus on continuous improvement and team members with years of supply chain experience.

*We can’t take credit for this fun blog idea, but we put our personal touch on it. Check out the original article from St. Onge, “What Would Your Mom Say About Your Warehouse” here.

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