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ITS Logistics

The Freight Pod Featuring Scott Pruneau

Scott Pruneau headshot.

The Freight Pod
May 22, 2024
Andrew Silver

ITS Logistics CEO Scott Pruneau joined The Freight Pod last week to explore his remarkable journey from starting a career at C.H. Robinson to spearheading one of the industry's most dynamic companies. From navigating complex freight contracts to embracing innovative technologies, Pruneau provides a masterclass in leadership, strategy, and the relentless pursuit of innovation that defines the modern logistics landscape.

The Freight Pod offers listeners the opportunity to delve deep into the journeys of the transportation and logistics industry's brightest minds and innovators. Hosted by Andrew Silver, former founder and CEO of MoLo Solutions.

Episode #22: Scott Pruneau

“Scott Joins us today as the CEO of ITS Logistics, one of the largest and fastest growing logistics companies in the industry and probably one of the most diverse in the breath of service offerings” says Silver.

“I joined the industry in March 7th 1994 and I remember the day because my first week at the business, my bachelor party was scheduled for that Saturday. We worked Sundays then, and I ended up coming to work the next day in not too great of shape, and my boss put me through the paces pretty hard that day.” said Scott, CEO at ITS Logistics.

“Started in 94’ on the produce side of the business. Coming straight out of college, I had no plan for my career. I thought I was going to be an athlete and when that didn’t happen, I got a random recruiting call from Robinson, and 30 years later here we are.” stated Pruneau.

“When I got to ITS it was going through some transition. There was another leader who was in this chair when I got here. I had no idea how things would shake out to get us to where we are today. The reason I came on board to ITS was because I had a chance to be a free agent in the beginning of 2018. I really made a conscious decision about the kind of business, the kind of culture, and the kind of location I wanted to take the next step. I worked for the better part of 24 years and never really thought about things at that level of choice. I’m not just reacting to my career; I have a chance to actually make a conscious decision about it.” stated Pruneau.

"We talk about it today as kind of a modern 3PL. So our business is just over a billion dollars of revenue, all of that has been organic growth, we've never bought anybody its been zero to a billion from scratch." said Pruneau.

Listen to the full episode here.

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