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ITS Logistics

Technology Brings A New Dawn for Drayage

It’s a new day for the drayage industry as it attracts investments in technology to transform a crucial, but long-overlooked, component of the supply chain.

Drayage is “the connective tissue between U.S. ports and rail ramps,” notes Peter Weis, chief information officer and senior vice president of supply chain services for Nevada-based ITS Logistics.

“Drayage is a high-risk area because condensed activities happen in congested areas in a short amount of time,” Weis says. “Drayage is the first domino of the supply chain; if it doesn’t go right, it holds up everything down the line.”

As supply chain leaders better understand drayage’s importance, technology providers are developing sophisticated solutions that are transforming the industry’s traditional way of operating. The result is greater efficiency, improved service, and compelling new possibilities on the horizon.

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