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ITS Logistics

Supply Chain Visibility: More Important Than Ever

March 20, 2024
Robert J. Bowman

"Supply chain visibility has always been important, and it will remain top of mind for shippers," said Peter Weis, chief information officer and senior vice president of supply chain at ITS Logistics.

"While visibility has been a topic of discussion in supply chain circles for decades, the root issues that cause visibility problems have never been solved," said Weis.

“In fact, some of the same tools, like electronic data interchange or uploading Excel spreadsheets, that were introduced in the ‘90s still exist today,” said Weis.

“There has been some progress,” Weis said. “You have open APIs [application programming interfaces], website scraping, AI and other tools that have made some incremental improvements in visibility. Some new tech players have moved the ball forward, but the underlying issue is there really isn't an economic incentive for companies to cooperate and start sharing information on some standard or format that everybody could share.”

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