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Getting Asset Smart: Supply Chain Conferences 2023

Supply Chain Conferences 2023: Get to Know the ITS Logistics Team

It takes a village of subject matter experts to keep everyone engaged in best practices across the supply chain. Industry events play an essential role in providing specific knowledge and access to expertise, market fluctuations, forecasts, and any other vital evolutions. The educational value that is gained by attending these conferences is well worth the investment of time and resources.

Read on for all the trade shows that the team at ITS Logistics will be attending this fall.

JOC Inland

This September 25 – 27, the Journal of Commerce Inland Distribution Conference will bring shippers, carriers, third-party logistics companies and brokers, and technology providers together in Chicago to assess freight markets as 2024 approaches. The event will include detailed discussions and think-tank workshops on what comes next and what we should do to be ready for it. Learn more

Some topics will include:

  • Risk mitigation for international and domestic shippers
  • Outlooks for the economy, trucking and intermodal markets
  • Strengthening shipper-service provider relationships
  • Increasing transparency in North American supply chains
  • Preparing for the next cargo surge
  • Regional think tanks
  • Inland Academy: an introductory track and instructional overview of key supply chain challenges

Getting Asset Smart, Evaluating the Changing Landscape of Moving Freight

The third-party intermediary market has long been divided between non-asset and “asset-lite” logistics providers, and there are advantages to both models for logistics companies and shippers. What do shippers need to consider when using asset-based brokers, and where do they best fit? When is it best for a broker to use an owned or leased fleet? If there are advantages, what are the pratfalls to avoid? This panel will explore how we can move from non-asset and asset-lite to “asset-right” or even better, “asset smart.”

  • Mike Hatfield, Senior Manager of Global Logistics at Berlin Packaging
  • Craig Pettit, Executive Director of International Logistics and Trade Compliance at Bridgestone Americas
  • Scott Pruneau, CEO at ITS Logisitics
  • William B. Cassidy, Senior Editor of Trucking and Domestic Transportation at the Journal of Commerce

Join us on September 27 from 9:45 am – 10: 15am! Click here to learn more about the session.

Automotive Logistics and Supply Chain Global

From September 26 – 28 in Dearborn, Michigan, Automotive Logistics and Supply Chain Global will explore how policies across North America are impacting supply chain operations with stakeholders and experts from government discussing incentives, changes, and opportunities for automotive logistics. The conference will further explore ways that the industry can continue to build diverse and inclusive teams with a mix of cultures and experiences most critical to success. Join the most important dialogue for North America’s automotive logistics industry at a time when supply chain organizations and services providers are set to play an essential role in the industry’s recovery and new generation of technology, regulation, and customer expectations. Learn more


The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) Edge Conference & Supply Chain Exhibition brings together the best minds in supply chain to deliver more than a hundred quality educational and special sessions from October 1 through 4 in Orlando, FL. Experience unbiased content and intelligence gathering opportunities covering each link of the supply chain. Attendees are able to curate their own agenda to takeaway practical strategies and concepts that can be put into practice upon returning home. Learn more

Building the Foundation for Next Generation’s SCM Leaders Through a Curriculum/Practicum Approach

This session will explain how universities recognize the value of the curriculum/practicum approach to accelerate the next generation of SCM leaders using real-world course material and instructors. Past professional experience and academic knowledge can be used to guide, encourage, and mentor students during their journey within the supply chain. Furthermore, these experts can connect with local businesses as well as industry organizations and create an atmosphere where students can network with current professionals to create avenues of direct industry experiences that lead to employment. This session will outline what the goals of such a program should include, the benefits of that program, current industry challenges and rewards, and what success looks like with such a curriculum.

  • Robyn Brunscher, Director of Supply Chain and Transportation Management at the University of Nevada, Reno
  • Peter Weis, Chief Information Officer and Senior Vice President of Supply Chain Services at ITS Logistics

Join us on October 2 from 11:00 am – 12:00 pm! Click here to learn more about the session.

Engaging with a trusted logistics provider

Supply chain trade show events are not only a great way to meet new customers and partners but create many new opportunities to grow and optimize operations. Planning to attend any of the shows? Stop by any of the sponsored sessions/events or booth and meet the ITS Logistics team in person!

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