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Finishing 2023 Strong – Check Call with Manny McElroy

FreightWaves Check Call
October 24, 2023
Mary O’Connell

“Welcome to another addition of Check Call, today we are covering a variety of freight market opinions with one of our favorite returning guest. Today we are joined by the one and only Manny McElroy, the SVP of transportation of ITS Logistics. Welcome back to the show Manny.” says Mary O’Connell.

“Thank you so much for having me. I always love being on your show.” says Manny McElroy, SVP of transportation at ITS Logistics.

“I am excited for this. We are going to be getting into my favorite things which is kind of your hot freight opinions and hot takes on what is going to happen and what could happen or maybe some less hot takes. Let’s jump on in. Manny what is your outlook for 2024? Do you have any hot freight opinions?” says Mary O’Connell.

“We along with everyone else is looking at market dynamics and economics that is going on currently. What everyone is hoping for is a turn around in the transportation world. A lot of people are talking about Q2 of next year, we might see an intake of increased tonnage coming in and a possibility for a turn. I don’t really see it going that way. I think next year it will mimic a lot of what it looks like this year not necessarily a down turn but I think it will be pretty flat based on the amount of imports that are coming in , people switching to near shoring. I think it is going to stay pretty flat for 2024, everyone needs to buckle in and enjoy the ride and know it will end up cutting back. So stay positive and everyone just needs to keep buying as much as they can.” says Manny McElroy, SVP of transportation at ITS Logistics.

“So if consumers can just double down on spending and get all that. As a consumer I am down to help on my part to single handedly stimulate the economy in one day. We just do what we can.” says Mary O’Connell.

“You and my wife both are driving the economy forward, so thank you.” says Manny McElroy, SVP of transportation at ITS Logistics.

“You’re welcome, we can all thank the Barbie movie. You know you have to have your outfit to go with it. Its a good time. One of things we are seeing is a tightening capacity in certain markets. Something that we have not really seen in most of the year because…” says Mary O’Connell.

Listen to the full video here.

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