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Finding Your Career in Supply Chain: Best Companies for Logistics

The Best Companies for Logistics Understand the Importance of Culture

The logistics industry is highly competitive and fast-paced. Companies that operate in this space often face challenges related to efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and reliability. To succeed in this environment, logistics companies need to have a strong culture that supports their people, goals and values. Undoubtedly, this starts from the root of the organization.

ITS recognizes the importance of company culture in the logistics industry. As a result, the company makes it a priority to cultivate a culture that aligns with its mission and core values. ITS’ mission is to provide creative logistics solutions. This means that the company commits to finding innovative ways to move goods and materials efficiently. Moreover this mission reflects the company’s focus on staying ahead of the curve and continuously improving its services.

Jim Hazboun, Chief People Officer and SVP of People and Human Resources at ITS Logistics, says the company’s culture is like that of a “high-performing, high-energy” team that that is committed to winning. “You can compare it to a sports team or a band. When all the members know their roles, bring their best and work together—we end up with a winning team that makes beautiful music together. We are fast paced and love to win.” he says. Given that, Hazboun emphasizes the importance of having cohesive and well-coordinated teams to achieve success. Additionally, this includes clear communication, mutual respect, and a focus on high-quality work which is consistently emphasized in the culture from day one.

Creating a Positive Work Environment through Team Building

Creating a positive and inclusive work environment that encourages teamwork, innovation, and continuous improvement in day-to-day operations is a priority for ITS. Additionally, building meaningful and long-lasting relationships with team members, customers, and partners is emphasized by Hazboun. Therefore, achieving success is directly tied to the success of its stakeholders. To achieve this goal, ITS is committed to prioritizing core values and standards. Moreover, employees are encouraged to work together to achieve common goals, providing opportunities for team-building activities and cross-functional training. Without a doubt, this leads to team members fostering a culture of accountability. Each employee is responsible for contributing to the success of the team and the company as a whole.

The first annual March Madness event, was recently hosted by ITS. Employees from various departments such as brokerage, drayage, accounting, and IT services came together to participate. The event spanned over three days and saw participation from 64 players in the bracket. The competition was intense, and after several rounds, Garett Ill emerged as the champion of the tournament. This event provides an opportunity for employees from different departments to come together and bond over a shared interest in sports, promoting a sense of community and teamwork.

Prioritizing Talent Development and Internal Promotion for Long-Term Careers in Supply Chain Management

ITS’ success is directly fueled by its people. By prioritizing talent development and internal promotion, opportunities for employees to build long-term careers in supply chain management are plentiful. In fact, over the last 12 months, roughly 20% of ITS employees have been promoted. Hazboun states ITS values talent development as a key competitive advantage. New hires receive comprehensive onboarding to understand the company culture, industry knowledge, and supply chain solutions. This applies to all departments, including executives, IT, Finance, and HR.

The program includes various training courses and certifications that employees can take to improve their job performance and continue to advance their careers in logistics services and give the best customer service. When employees feel the value and investment through training and development opportunities, it contributes to a positive and supportive work environment. For those hired into the business lines, they go through more training to prepare them for careers in transportation services, drayage, fleet, freight management, and distribution and fulfillment. Thus, many built successful careers within ITS. ITS promotes a collaborative and supportive work environment through comprehensive training by setting employees up for success.

Commitment To Supporting and Mentoring Young Professionals in the Logistics Industry

Supporting and mentoring young professionals in the industry is a commitment held by ITS. There are various opportunities available in logistics, including transportation services, warehousing, ecommerce, fulfillment, and supply chain management. “We offer one of the most well-respected Logistics Management Training Programs in the country. We have also partnered with the University of Nevada, Reno to launch their Supply Chain & Transportation Management Program.” says Hazboun. Enrolled students in the university program can participate in ITS internships, attend industry professional talks, and tour leading logistics facilities. The courses are taught by experienced industry experts who possess practical knowledge in various fields, including logistics solutions, big data analysis, analytics, marketing, and business development. The program at the university aims to invest back into the community and provide a potential solution to the supply chain and labor shortage.

As a logistics provider, ITS offers various resources. These resources include training and mentoring, to assist employees in advancing their careers and supporting their workforce. “At ITS, we believe in a ‘grow from within’ philosophy that prioritizes the promotion of internal talent over the hiring of external talent for manager roles” says Hazboun. Employees should take ownership of their own development. ITS is there to assist and guide them along the way. Hazboun highlights how this structured curriculum is tailored to each level and role, allowing employees to navigate their career path upward. Many of ITS’ employees are self-directed learners who engage in independent studies to further enhance their skills and knowledge, he says. With increased knowledge and skill in logistics solutions, employees provide better logistics services and drive organizational success.

Fostering Diversity and Inclusion for Success as a Logistics Company

Diversity and inclusion are important values at ITS. Subsequently, promoted in the workplace through policies and programs. The company commits to creating a welcoming environment for employees of all backgrounds. “We want the best talent, and our demographics show that we are very diverse. Our main goal is not to highlight our differences, but to celebrate our unity in making ITS the most admired logistics company in the world” he says. Career growth is based on merit, and high performers are given ample opportunities to advance. The company operates under a meritocracy system, like professional sports teams, and does not entertain programs that do not prioritize merit. Hence, ITS values a diverse and inclusive workforce for its strategic advantage in driving innovation, creativity, and better customer satisfaction.

The logistics industry is highly competitive, ITS believes a strong company culture is essential to its continued success. By prioritizing its mission and core values, ITS cultivates a positive and inclusive work environment that encourages teamwork, innovation, and continuous improvement. The company values talent development and prioritizes the promotion of internal talent. Naturally, this creates opportunities for employees to grow within the company and build long-term careers in logistics services. ITS also commits to supporting and mentoring young professionals in the industry, while promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace. By prioritizing merit-based career growth and fostering a high-energy team-oriented culture, ITS strives to become one of the most admired logistics companies not only in North America but worldwide. Join the team today!

Are you in search of a career in an essential industry that is continuously expanding and provides a range of diverse opportunities? Join the team today!

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