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Peak Season Outlook and Redefining Asset-Lite with Manny McElroy – Loaded and Rolling

FreightWaves Loaded and Rolling
October 31, 2023
Thomas Wasson

“We get outlooks and updates, especially with the market, and so a lot of fun stuff to talk about, especially those of you just catching us as well. It’s earning season, so Q3 earnings season is getting all the folks on conference calls and analysts talking about projections. So a lot of stuff going on the market. One big thing to talk about of course is, what are our expectations as we move into the new year? An not only for carriers, but how has that changed in terms of relationships with brokers, especially in this down market? What does it mean to be asset-lite? A lot of cool stuff we’re going to be diving into today. Going to be joined shortly by Manny McElroy. He’s the senior vice president of transportation at ITS Logistics. Super excited to have him on again to talk about a lot of good stuff going on this space,” said Thomas Wasson.

Listen to the full video here.

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