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Global News
July 8, 2023

“The amount of freight that comes in through Western Canada is staggering.” said Brashier. He reports in recent years the ports of Vancouver and Prince Rupert have been able to capitalize on quicker connections to Asia and past chaos in the big US West Coast ports. The current strike says is now compelling shippers to reconsign their cargo back through those American ports. A trend that may be hard to reverse. “The longer this goes, the less likely that freight returning to Western Canada will be.” said Brashier.

With no end in sight, many groups have called for Ottawa to do what they did to end the Montréal strike years ago, legislate them back to work. That still entailed massive ongoing disruptions for the economy. One labor sector insider told Global News it would probably take two days to reconvene Parliament from summer break then a couple more to pass the law. Even then the so-called nuclear option has its own set of problems…

Listen to the full interview here.